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Our BG designer, Katie, has been creating bright looks for windows and rooms for over ten years. Katie has great ideas and "picks” for your windows. She will be sharing with you her design choices and seasonal recommendations throughout the year. Katie reminds you that all our BG window blinds, shades and drapes are all custom made for you. Each one is hand crafted to your size, color, fabric and special requests with our added attention to quality and detail. Katie will make sure you love your windows.

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Blinds and Shades That Offer Privacy and Style

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I was just in Salt Lake City, Utah on a mini vacation and the place we stayed had really bad blinds that didn’t close properly and were just junky looking. I notice these kinds of things, so I was inspired to write a post about how to make your guest room (or your lodge) more welcoming and restful with the right kinds of blinds or shades. ...
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The Most Popular Shades of the Season

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If you’re like most people, you don’t really ever think about your window blinds or shades until you need to replace them. But in areas of the East Coast like Massachusetts, seasonal factors can influence your decision, and you will want to take these factors into consideration. ...
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The Benefits of High Quality Window Coverings

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Many of today’s window coverings are more than simple aesthetics—the shades, shutters, blinds, and films currently on the market offer homeowners a variety of options to block the sun, or to let the sun in, that will make a room look nice while making your house more energy efficient at the same time. Many energy-efficient window coverings have insulating values Continue Reading ...

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