Maintaining Privacy without Sacrificing Light

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Sarah sent us this picture of her apartment, looking for some words of advice. “I rent a tiny apartment in LA that for some undetermined reason doesn’t have ANY window treatments at all! I’m only on the second floor, and people on the street can look right up into my living room. What kind of window treatments should I get to stop my pesky neighbors from staring into my space?”

We love the bright look of Sarah’s living room, but absolutely sympathize with the dilemma about people staring into the apartment. Since her walls are a dark, rich color, she’ll want a window treatment that lets in a lot of light. Otherwise, the apartment may start to feel too closed-up and cave-like. Sheer shades aren’t an option because of privacy concerns, and shutters are too much of an investment for a rental unit.

For Sarah, we suggested top-down bottom-up cellulars or pleated shades. They’ll help block nosy neighbors on the street, while still allowing some light to filter in from the top of the window. On the upper floor you also deal with light streaming in from all sorts of angles throughout the day. Top-down bottom-up shades are a great solution because you can easily adjust them to whatever position works best for you, and they’ll make a nice modern accent to the casual chic look of your space.

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