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Understanding Common Window Treatment Features

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There are some important common features that you may want to know about when it comes to window treatments. This information can help guide your choices so you can get the best window treatments for your home.

Cordless – What cordless really means is cordless lift; the normal dangling cords and lift mechanisms that you use to raise or lower the blind or shade have been replaced with a spring loaded or ratcheting mechanism that allows you to raise or lower the blind or shade by gently pushing up or pulling down on the bottom rail to adjust the blind or shade to any height.  The cordless option offers easy operation, and  a cleaner look.  And, of equal importance, cordless blinds or shades removes the strangulation risk that some window treatments pose to small children and even pets.  It should be noted that cordless window blinds still come with a wand to tilt the slats open or closed.

Cordless window treatments are not the right choice for high or otherwise hard to reach windows, since you have to be able to reach the bottom rail to adjust your window treatment.  In this case, you may want to consider motorized blinds or shades.  For more information, please visit our cordless window treatments page.

Top Down Bottom Up
– Available only on window shades, top down bottom up shades allow you to not only raise the shade from the bottom but also lower it from the top, or both.  This feature extends the privacy and light control options by allowing you to choose how much natural light you want in the room while still maintaining privacy.   For more information, please visit our top down bottom up window treatments page.

Remote Control/MotorizedMotorized window treatments offer the ultimate in convenience. With the push of a remote control button, you can raise or lower a window shade (motorized lift), or tilt the slats of a window blind open and closed (motorized tilt). Motorized blinds or shades are an excellent choice for high or hard to reach window treatments.

The motors inside the blind or shade are operated by a remote control. When ordering a motorized option, you will also need to purchase at least one remote control. Typically one remote can operate multiple motorized blinds or shades for added convenience.  For more information, please visit our motorized window treatments page.

- Blackout refers to the ability of a window treatment to block almost all incoming light (~99%), and are a popular choice for bedrooms and home theaters.  When it comes to blackout, not all window treatments are equal.  First off, window blinds are not the right choice for blackout – too many light gaps.  The best type of window treatment for blackout are window shades with opaque materials or a blackout liner.
But, it’s more than that. To achieve true blackout, you need custom window shades. Custom means your shades are built to your window’s exact specifications, which minimizes the light gaps between the window shade and the window casing.  Combine this exacting fit with an opaque material and you’ve got blackout.  For more information, please visit our blackout window treatments page.



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