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What’s What About Windows

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They’re everywhere – on the tops of the highest buildings, snuck intricately into hidden corners, and even smack dab right in the middle of our walls. We love our windows but we’re quick to write them off without remembering how much they do for us. So…what about windows? Sure, I love to do a little bit of window shopping, but Continue Reading ...
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The Easiest Thing You’ll Do Today!

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Need to replace your broken blinds? Just log on to Blindsgalore. We’ll help you with everything you need. Simply make your selection, Carefully take your measurements, And place your order. If you have questions, just call us up. Now, you just have to wait for delivery. When your blinds arrive, read the instructions carefully. Then, grab your tools and get Continue Reading ...
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7 Concerns To Solve When Designing Your Windows

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I feel most in my element when I am designing and helping people add their own personal touches within their home.  I often get asked for tips and tricks to fix everyday home design issues.  How do I make my home feel warmer?  I wish my windows were taller.  Can I control the sun’s late afternoon glare?   Some important Continue Reading ...
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A Clean Scene: How To Clean Your Window Treatments

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Crisp and stunning, brand new window treatments in your home can be just what you need to refresh your space. Be warned, though. Without some occasional elbow grease, the dust can pile up quickly. Dirty window treatments just don’t have the same pop. In fact, they give off more of a whimper. Don’t wait to rejuvenate – make cleaning your Continue Reading ...
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First Things First: Holiday Window Fixes

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‘Tis the season for holiday stresses and messes. It’s an inopportune time for stressful scenarios; after working around the clock for the rest of the year, this is the time you should sit by the fire, light the holiday lights, and savor the mellow glow of the season. Unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case. There are pies and cookies to Continue Reading ...
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Blindsgalore Loves Kids!

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As a mom, I am especially vigilant about childproofing my home and always on the lookout for potential hazards as those little ones are super speed demons and ever curious wonder wizards. Enticing dangling cords hanging from your blinds or shades are a disaster in the making and even my son, Will, can’t help but find fascination in “cord play”. Continue Reading ...
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5 “Dont’s” When Ordering Window Treatments

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Here are my famous five things that you should avoid when thinking about ordering new window treatments. These might seem like “dumb and dumber” but you don’t want to end up with brand new coverings for your windows and oops, they don’t fit, are ugly, or droop and just not what you had imagined. 1. Don’t Reminisce About Your Old Continue Reading ...