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Child Safe Blinds Make A Happy Home

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October is the “trick or treat” month that is now haunting our homes as Halloween continues to be an outrageous holiday, but I want to remind you that October is also Child Window Safety Month and your home and the safety of your children are at the top of my mind. Before you become deluged with costumes, candy and craziness, Continue Reading ...
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Shutters Are An Amazing Window Treatment Idea

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Shutters are simply one of the most beautiful and traditional ways to enhance any window by adding the incredible architectural design that has impressed our aesthetic needs for centuries. The ancient Greeks are credited with the invention of shutters, but the fixed louvers were then made of marble- a stunning material but not very practical, even though the marble fixed Continue Reading ...
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How to Get in the Mood to Measure Window Treatments

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The thrill of outfitting your home with new window treatments is a lot like diving headfirst into a swimming pool. You know it will be refreshing and ultimately rewarding, but just thinking about the initial shock of cold water can make you hesitate about jumping in. The process for measuring window treatments is often the ice cold shock most people Continue Reading ...
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Best Sleeping Window Treatments

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Loving light and how it affects our lives, our moods and our homes, the summer solstice which happens this Sunday, June 21st, highlights a special day of celebrating light and fantasy. Here in Southern California the sun rises at 5:41 am PDT, and sets at 8:59 pm, to give us the longest daylight hours of the year. The sun rises high in Continue Reading ...
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What’s What About Windows

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They’re everywhere – on the tops of the highest buildings, snuck intricately into hidden corners, and even smack dab right in the middle of our walls. We love our windows but we’re quick to write them off without remembering how much they do for us. So…what about windows? Sure, I love to do a little bit of window shopping, but Continue Reading ...
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The Easiest Thing You’ll Do Today!

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Need to replace your broken blinds? Just log on to Blindsgalore. We’ll help you with everything you need. Simply make your selection, Carefully take your measurements, And place your order. If you have questions, just call us up. Now, you just have to wait for delivery. When your blinds arrive, read the instructions carefully. Then, grab your tools and get Continue Reading ...
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7 Concerns To Solve When Designing Your Windows

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I feel most in my element when I am designing and helping people add their own personal touches within their home.  I often get asked for tips and tricks to fix everyday home design issues.  How do I make my home feel warmer?  I wish my windows were taller.  Can I control the sun’s late afternoon glare?   Some important Continue Reading ...