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Red Looks We Love

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Red is the color of blood, fire, rubies, and roses. Psychologically, humans have an intense reaction to the color red. This fierce color is associated with many feelings, especially love, passion, strength, and energy.  Studies show that men are more attracted to women when they wear this assertive hue and that sports teams in red win more. Saturated reds are said Continue Reading ...
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Mix It To The Max!

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Décor doesn’t always need to appear symmetrical and classic. If you are like me, eclectic pieces, bold colors, and intricate patterns brighten even the gloomiest days. Patterns come in every color, many textures, and abundant sizes. Mix-matched patterns and colors are all the rage this season. Make sure you follow a few guidelines when doing so to let your home Continue Reading ...
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6 Decorating Resolutions

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Our homes are our solace, a shelter from the storms of life, an escape from the demons and conflicts that haunt us daily. Renewing our living space comforts and soothes us to be calmer and happier people. Just a few colorful and individual touches can perk up your home now as more peaceful, slower days let us relax a bit. Continue Reading ...
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Twelve Golden Days To Shine

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Golden glamour highlights the holiday season to add sparkle and shine in our homes. Gold tones are warm and inviting and make our seasonal celebrations glow with incandescence. Gold decor does not have to be extravagant or excessive but can be achieved with a simple touch of splendor, in this our most radiant of holidays. Bask in the brightness of Continue Reading ...
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Four Home Fashion Moods

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Always on the lookout for design trends, why not anticipate and see what the fashion designers are declaring what we should be wearing. Even our windows appreciate a design make-over and with the holidays coming fast and furious, let’s take a look at some fresh ideas. As in all things fashion, a look to the past is “de rigueur,” as new Continue Reading ...
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BG’s Greatest and Latest

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We do our very best to offer an outstanding product selection at Blindsgalore.  We strive to provide window treatments ranging from the classic and traditional to those featuring the latest trends and technologies.  I hope this snapshot review of some of our most recent colors, fabrics, materials and features will induce you to update your windows as we enter a Continue Reading ...
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Preserving For Fall

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Wouldn’t it be magic if we could capture the long languid days of sun, those cricket ridden, hazy nights bursting with soft chirps, the exuberant wonder- filled eyes of our children recklessly playing on the beach, the crackle of the bat in a little league baseball game, the fresh scent of ripe berries and loamy veggies at the farmer’s market, Continue Reading ...
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Fall Into Patterns

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Update your home this fall with a little pattern refresh. Intimidating to most, embraced by some, and mastered by few, pattern mixing is the most enticing trend going on these days. With all of the tips, tricks, and techniques out there, it’s easy to get confused on how to confidently bring this look into your home. It’s simple to be Continue Reading ...