Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget your Blinds

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Spring is officially here, and we all know what that means: spring cleaning is in full swing! While you’re clearing out your garage and donating your excess goods, go ahead and take a quick moment to clean your window treatments. Proper care and cleaning can help them last a long time, and keep your house looking neat and tidy.

All blinds and shades can be cleaned regularly by lightly dusting with a feather duster, or gently vacuumed with the upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Vinyl, wood and faux wood blinds may be wiped with a damp cloth, and stained finishes can be treated with wood preservative. Vertical blinds can even have their vanes removed and submerged completely in water. Most fabric treatments can be spot treated with a cloth and water but you should take care with drapery, which may be delicately embroidered or made of a dry clean only fabric such as silk. Before attempting to wash drapes or fabric shades, check the cleaning instructions that came with the material or ask a dry cleaning professional for advice.