Spring Ahead!

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Spring Decor

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Just when we thought it would never come, Daylight Saving Time is here and that means longer days, sunnier skies and a fresh new season.  It’s time to get rid of winter dust bunnies lurking in our corners and throw open the windows that have been jammed shut for the last few months.  Spring is the occasion to lighten up your wardrobe and your surroundings, a time to rekindle our appreciation and relationship with nature as it comes back to life once again.

Along with having fresh flowers on display, always lovely in the spring, adding sheer fabrics, linen, or woven woods are ways to help bring the new season into your home.

Sheer Shades are a stylish yet purposeful window treatment.  With a structured yet soft look, these shades will filter and disperse the new spring light.  The light control features of this shade are excellent including light filtering and room dimming options.

The look of linen evokes the casual feeling of warm weather usually sought after the cold, button up winter months. This particular shade is available in a lovely palette of neutrals and blues and its versatility works well with a number of decors.

Levolor Woven Wood Shade

Levolor Woven Wood Shade

Woven wood shades are also surprisingly adaptable to a range of interior styles. Being a natural material, each shade is unique with slight color variations. The woods, reeds, and grasses bring an element of nature inside and with the top down bottom up feature you are allowed as little or as much privacy as you would like.