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Blindsgalore® Designer Custom Drapery: Soft Wave Track and Fold

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24" x 36"
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  • Panels are attached to a tracking system that stacks drapery into even, elegant folds
  • Traditional, contemporary, and modern styles to match any décor
  • Add a light filtering or room darkening option for greater privacy

  • For double track systems, order two systems
  • Use two single ceiling mounted brackets for ceiling mounted double track
  • Double track systems should have 3" between brackets so each treatment can easily pass each other
  • 1/4" light gap is visible between top of drapery and track
  • Metal snap tape attaches to top of panels and may be visible at top of drapery, particularly on sheers

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Product Color:

Choose a color for your product or select sample swatches to order.

FREE Swatch Samples:

Blindsgalore's Free Swatch Samples program lets you touch and compare fabrics, materials and/or colors before you order your custom window covering.  Simply click the scissor icon to add a free swatch to your cart (if a color doesn't have a scissor icon, swatches are temporarily unavailable for that color).  Order your swatches, then order the perfect color window treatment!

Color Disclaimer:

Although we color-correct each scan as accurately as possible, the colors displayed on your screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual swatch color due to the inconsistencies of various computer monitors.

Sheers Crepe Snow - 380

Sheers Crepe Snow 380 (add $23.00)

Sheers Crepe Snow - 380
  • Sheers Crepe Snow 380 (add $23.00)


Sheers Crepe Snow - 380
Sheers Misty Ivory - 676
Sheers Crepe Ivory - 381
Sheers Voile Snow - 378
Sheers Misty Snow - 677
Sheers Voile Ivory - 379
Sheers Natural White - 390


Americana Milk - 470
Americana Malt - 471
Americana Pebble - 473
Americana Oat - 472
Americana Slate - 475
Americana Sea Trench - 478
Americana Silver Dust - 477


Calistoga Artic Fox - 694
Calistoga Pine Nut - 692
Calistoga Honeyed - 697
Calistoga Mushroom Bisque - 693
Calistoga Vintage Red - 691
Calistoga Pepita - 696
Calistoga Heirloom Silver - 690
Calistoga Mineral - 695


Fundamentals White - 154
Fundamentals Moonlight - 156
Fundamentals Natural - 150
Fundamentals Buff - 144
Fundamentals Bramble - 143
Fundamentals Nugget - 152
Fundamentals Calente - 159
Fundamentals Water - 155
Fundamentals Nautical - 158
Fundamentals Pewter - 157
Fundamentals Ebony - 146

Linen Texture

Linen Texture White - 128
Linen Texture Cream - 124
Linen Texture Barley - 130
Linen Texture Tawny - 125
Linen Texture Camel - 122
Linen Texture Sailor Blue - 121
Linen Texture Haze - 129
Linen Texture Tobacco - 127

Luster Faux Silk

Luster Powder - 116
Luster Pearl - 114
Luster Tussah - 119
Luster Wheat - 124
Luster Patina - 121
Luster Pomegranate - 115
Luster Sangria - 123
Luster Mist - 112
Luster Shadow - 118
Luster Oxford - 122
Luster Walnut - 120


Wales White - 231
Wales Cream - 232
Wales Café - 236
Wales Grey - 235


Vivid Blizzard - 529
Vivid Antique Bisque - 521
Vivid Raw Sugar - 524
Vivid Carrot - 527
Vivid Caribbean Blue - 520
Vivid Elephant - 528
Vivid Lead Element - 522

Polished Pin Stripe

Polished Pin Stripe Ivory/Navy - 600
Polished Pin Stripe Bone/Gray - 603
Polished Pin Stripe Oatmeal/White - 601
Polished Pin Stripe Gray/Beige - 602

Subtle Stripe

Subtle Stripe Ivory - 105
Subtle Stripe Beige - 106
Subtle Stripe Linen - 110
Subtle Stripe Gold - 100
Subtle Stripe Camel - 108
Subtle Stripe Wine - 102
Subtle Stripe Greysmoke - 109
Subtle Stripe Navy - 101
Subtle Stripe Chocolate - 104

Raised Vine

Raised Vine Frosted - 169
Raised Vine Toffee Chip - 168
Raised Vine Bubbly - 167
Raised Vine Silver Dollar - 166

Scrolling Vine

Scrolling Vine Linen - 173
Scrolling Vine Cotton - 172
Scrolling Vine Cashmere - 171

Cottage Rose

Cottage Rose Rustic - 501
Cottage Rose Cerulean - 500


Wildflower Forget-Me-Not - 511
Wildflower Pink Thistle - 510


Honeycomb White Marble - 571
Honeycomb Quicksilver - 572


Ikat Grain - 403
Ikat Pacific - 402
Ikat Tungsten - 401
Ikat Panther - 404


Moroccan Turquoise - 311
Moroccan Black - 312


Parlour White Sterling - 582
Parlour Biscuit Cream - 581
Parlour Shadow Gray - 580


Spunky Tenacious Taupe - 558
Spunky Gallant Gold - 556
Spunky Nimble Neutral - 554
Spunky Cheeky Coral - 552
Spunky Brave Blue Gray - 551
Spunky Notable Navy - 550
Spunky Sassy Silver - 553
Spunky Gutsy Gray - 557
Spunky Brazen Black - 555

Blossoming Vine

Blossoming Vine Spring - 302
Blossoming Vine Fall - 301
Blossoming Vine Harvest - 304
Blossoming Vine Winter - 303


Boulangerie Vanilla Crepe - 632
Boulangerie Apricot Galette - 630
Boulangerie Blueberry Clafouti - 631

English Herringbone

English Herringbone Dorset Tan - 681
English Herringbone Berkshire Blue - 682
English Herringbone Sussex Grey - 680


Georgian Celestial - 481
Georgian Regal - 482
Georgian Vixen - 480


Manor Ivory - 211
Manor Straw - 213
Manor Champagne - 212
Manor Cranberry - 201
Manor Sage - 204
Manor Mist - 214
Manor Gold - 203


Meander Caryatid Cream - 643
Meander Grecian Gold - 644
Meander Corfu Beige - 640
Meander Classical Taupe - 642
Meander Olympia Orange - 648
Meander Goddess Green - 645
Meander Sea of Crete - 641
Meander Nymph Navy - 646
Meander Santorini Silver - 649
Meander Ancient Black - 647
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step 3

Select a mount option:

Learn more about mount

Mount refers to whether the treatment will be mounted within the window frame (inside mount) or on the wall surrounding the window (outside mount).

For an inside mount, please provide us with the exact dimensions of the window frame.  Any deductions to the size of your shade will be made by the manufacturer.

For an outside mount, please enter the width and height of the window-covering itself.  We recommend adding at least 4 inches to the width of the window, and 4 inches to the height of the window.  This will allow for proper overlap with the wall.




Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.


Outside mount blinds will be installed on the wall above the window, covering the window entirely.  Enter the size you want the finished product to be, including the desired overlap beyond the window.  The ordered height will include the hardware for blinds and shades.  The width of the headrail may be slightly wider than the ordered width to accomodate operating controls and valance returns.  The outside mount option is required if your window is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount.

step 4

Select a size:



Left blind



Center blind

Right blind

step 5

Select a bracket option:

Learn more about brackets

A bracket is the hardware that attaches a blind or shade to the wall, window frame, or ceiling. There are several types of brackets depending on the way you will be installing your blind.

Ceiling Brackets

Ceiling Brackets


Ceiling brackets are required for inside mount installations, as the blind will be mounted to the inside top of the window casing.  For outside mount blinds, choose ceiling brackets only when the blind will actually be attached to the ceiling.


Wall mount brackets are for outside mount installations only and attach to the wall over the window or door (most common).

step 6

Select a panel option:

Learn more about panels

A drapery is designed to cover one window opening; if option is available, you may choose to have a single panel or two separate panels for your window.  A pair of drapery panels will open from the middle.  A single panel is made to be drawn either to the left or to the right.




This configuration has two panels that meet at the center of the rod to cover a single window, opening to either side for a traditional look.  There will be returns on the outer sides of the panels to help cover the brackets and provide additional privacy and light control.

step 7

Select a liner option:

Learn more about liners

For additional privacy and light control, you may choose to a have a liner be included as part of your window treatment.  Liner options may include choices for opacity, color and material.  Lining is usually recommended for all drapery.

No liner

No liner


  • Protects fabric from the sun
  • Provides neutral color to the outside
  • Light filtering; blocks out 30% sunlight

Liner color:

  • Excellent drapability
  • Room darkening lining does let some light in: blocks out 95% sunlight

Liner color:

  • Smooth sheen finish
  • Provides protection from heat & cold and protects from UV rays which could lead to fading
  • Light filtering/energy efficient; blocks out 45% sunlight

Liner color:

  • Blocks out 100% sunlight
  • Use for blackout on less opaque, light colored fabric

Liner color:
step 8

Select a fabric by the yard option:

Learn more about fabric by the yard

You can get the look of a professionally decorated room without the expensive decorator price.  By ordering fabric by the yard along with your window treatment, you can create your own pillow covers, table runners, tablecloths, swag valances and more.  Be sure to order enough fabric to fit the requirements of your project.

No fabric by the yard

No fabric by the yard


You can create your own matching accessories using the same fabric as your drapery, valance, or roman shade.  Choose this option for one yard of fabric in the same color as your shade.  Fabric width is indicated in the Specifications tab above.


You can create your own matching accessories using the same fabric as your drapery, valance, or roman shade.  Choose this option for two yards of fabric in the same color as your shade.  Fabric width is indicated in the Specifications tab above.


You can create your own matching accessories using the same fabric as your drapery, valance, or roman shade.  Choose this option for three yards of fabric in the same color as your shade.  Fabric width is indicated in the Specifications tab above.  For larger fabric orders, please call us at 877-702-5463.

last step!

Optional information:

Learn more about optional information

Used on our order forms, the window nickname is one that you assign to the windows in a room.  This helps you keep track of your order when a room has multiple windows.  We recommend including a room name and numbering the windows sequentially (for example, "Bedroom window #2"), but you may use any system you like.

Please address the following issues to continue:
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Custom Product Price




Primary Product Color:

Sheers Crepe Snow




Width x Height:
24" x 36"







Fabric by the Yard:



- $123.62
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- $123.62
33% off

Enjoy these special savings

  • Save Today 33% -
    Save 33%
  • OR
    + an extra -
    Save 10% Use coupon SHADESTYLE
    Expires 5/1/2017

Coupon discount reflected in cart.

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