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Blindsgalore Wood Blinds

If you are looking for discount prices on wood blinds, take a look at the Blindsgalore signature line of products.  Our comprehensive selection of inexpensive wood blinds will let you stay within your budget while still adding a quality window treatment to your home.  By choosing our wood blinds you will be getting quality, classic looking blinds made from real basswood and other hardwoods.

Keep in mind that these Blindsgalore wood blinds will match well with traditional home styling where there are also wood flooring and wood furniture.  You should also try to match the stains and painted colors of the blinds with the rest of your decor.  If you want increased light control and privacy customize your wood blinds with routeless slats, which eliminate the routing holes and therefore block all outside light and visibility.  All wood blinds from Blindsgalore are custom-made for a perfect fit in your window.

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  • Size

    24" x 36"

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  • Remote Control / Motorized
  • Routeless
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Woodgrain
  • Bedroom
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  • Family Room / Den
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customer reviews for blindsgalore wood blinds

5 stars


By inlinefour from Western SC

Ordered a large width wooden blind and was amazed at the quality of the product.  Easy ordering, fast shipping and quality workmanship ranks a high five from this satisfied buyer.  My satisfaction was also passed on via a phone call to customer service.  Blindsgalore will certainly be my only choice for any future window treatment needs and I'd refer my friends and family to use Blindsgalore for their needs as well.  I would've spent more and gotten less from either of the two giant home improvement stores in my area and as a matter of fact, they were not able to provide me with the one and three eights inch wide slat blind that I wanted.  Thanks Blindsgalore JP

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5 stars

"Gorgeous blinds"

By marnie from MA

I'm so glad I finally ordered some nice blinds for my bay window. Installed these over 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. I got 4 of the 20" width and the price was awesome. I chose dark walnut finish to go with my lighter wood window frame & floors and I like the contrast, especially since we have dark wood furniture. Also got the 3" standard valance, which is a nice finish to the top. Definitely wait for a good sale! Really happy with the quality of these blinds and they installed very quickly. I found them easy to clean with a Swiffer duster. I got the 1 and 3/8" since our frames could not really handle wider ones. These block a lot of light on our west-facing window during the afternoon sunset and really helped with energy saving this summer. I'm looking forward to getting more blinds like these for my other windows.

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