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Faux Wood Blinds


Product Quality

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Faux Wood Blinds

  • The natural look of real wood
  • No warping, cracking or splitting
  • Great for extreme or humid climates
  • Long-lasting, durable treatment
  • Variety of available colors and finishes
  • Why choose wood or faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds offer the look and attractiveness of real wood blinds at an affordable price. Faux wood is typically made from composite wood or PVC vinyl and these manmade materials are extremely durable and easy to clean. They are ideal for rooms or homes in humid environments, windows with direct sun, or high traffic rooms. Choose from a wide variety of stains and painted colors and customize the slat size to your desires.

Faux Wood Blinds FAQ

Our 2” Blindsgalore Faux Woods are a customer favorite and available in both smooth and textured finishes. However, we have plenty to choose from, so we always recommend ordering free samples to see your favorites up close. All of our faux wood blinds are made of either a high-tech polymer or a PVC/vinyl material to ensure your timeless look is built to last.

Fortunately, faux wood blinds are very reasonably priced and often times are more affordable than real wood blinds. With all of our products, price will depend on your custom size, brand, and included options (cordless, routeless, motorized, etc.). The price for your faux wood blinds can range from under $50 to over several hundred dollars.

To be honest, the best faux wood blinds are simply the ones that you love and cannot wait to put in your home. Check out our whole selection and order up to 15 free samples to see for yourself. All of Blindsgalore’s high-quality faux wood blinds provide the same timeless look of wood blinds, but with added durability. This means they won’t warp, crack or fade, making them a better choice than their real wood counterparts for humid spots like kitchens and bathrooms.

Both wood and faux wood blinds provide a timeless look and each provide their own advantages. Faux wood blinds are more durable and are your only true choice for potentially humid locations around the house. Wood blinds provide a more natural look and feel, and are usually lighter than faux woods, making them a better choice for larger windows. You can learn even more about wood and faux wood blinds by reading our blog. We wouldn’t consider one better than the other, all blinds are created equal.

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