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Motorized Blinds & Shades - Remote Control Compatible

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Motorized Blinds & Shades FAQ

Motorized blinds and shades can be easily opened or closed with the press of a button. You’ll have the option to include a remote with your motorized window treatment for control over one or more motorized shades. No more stubborn pulling or twisting, just sit back and enjoy total control from anywhere in the house.

All motorized window treatments are cordless to give you a clean, clutter-free look that’s safer in homes with small children. They’re a designer favorite for both trendy spaces and hard to reach windows.

Motorized blinds have made our lives so easy, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Here are three motorized Blindsgalore shades we love.

Boutique Natural Waterfall Woven Shades: Select Weaves Smooth movement and organic materials combine for a luxurious look you won’t find anywhere else.

Blindsgalore® Expressions Motorized Roller Shades: PatternsIf the patterns aren’t impressive enough, the motorized feature is sure to do the trick.

Blindsgalore® Classic Cellular Shades: Blackout Perfect for media rooms or bedrooms, you can block glare or keep the sun out until you’re ready to rise.

When customizing your blind or shade, you may have the option to make your blind or shade motorized when selection a lift option. You can also exclusively shop our collection of motorized window treatments. Upgrading won’t cost much, depending on your power source and remote option, and it could be as little as a $100.

We do our best to carry affordable motorized blinds and shades in every category. We also carry higher-end motorized products at our Blindsgalore Boutique. Our Boutique products feature top-of-the-line materials and premium fabrics.

When customizing your motorized shade, you’ll be given several options to select a power source, remote, and home automation option. To give the shades power, you’ll either choose a direct connection, a battery tube (that may be rechargeable), or, in some cases, a solar charge kit. Most of these will be concealed in your headrail. Remotes vary by brand, and can control either a single shade or multiple shades. Your home automation options will also vary by product, so be sure to read more under the “lift option” section when customizing.

In our opinion, upgrading to motorized blinds is worth the investment. Not only do they instantly elevate your home's aesthetic, but they’ll also save you time – especially on windows in hard-to-reach areas. With just one button, you can open up every window in a room, or keep them closed, instead of dealing with each window individually.

Motorization also introduces the option to connect your blinds or shades to your smart home. With a smart home connection, your phone, Amazon Alexa or other smart home device doubles as a remote control. You can even set schedules to automatically adjust your shades to suit your needs.

customer reviews for remote control motorized

5 stars

"Flawless controller"

By Tom from Florida coast

Neo’s smart controller manages 50 blinds of various sorts and sizes in my house: external blinds, roller blinds, sheer shades. The installation was easy. The grouping of certain windows in multiple rooms on a wall took some time to work out. The support is excellent and very responsive. The app progresses with each new version. It now does most everything I could ask for. The one thing needed is a differentiation between user and admins and restricting certain users to certain rooms. The reach of the signal is amazing. My house is ca 6k sq ft over 3 floors. I have never had a connectivity issue. Likewise configuring a new type of motor for the external blinds took one minute once support sent me the code. The new IFTTT feature means that I raise the external blinds if the weather forecast is for wind >30 mph. I also have it linked via Smarthings to operate the blinds/shades in specific rooms based on light/humidity/temp in that room. The Alexa integration works perfectly. The scenes functionality of Neo is very useful for this. I swapped out the old, Somfy RTS protocol motors in my original blinds for Rollerhouse with the RF protocol which Neo, and all others, support. Neo is one of the best products I have ever used. 100% recommended.

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5 stars

"Works Flawlessly"

By from Idaho

Using the hub to control my 6 motorized shades. Easy to setup and program.

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