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Skylight Shades & Blinds

  • Cellular shades popular for their superior insulation
  • Avoid common unwanted heat loss and gain
  • Special tracks allow all angles of window coverage
  • Protect your interior from UV damage
  • Enjoy the light above while maintaining temp control
  • Why choose a single or double cell?

The insulating properties of skylight shades make them extremely efficient at reducing the considerable heat transfer that can occur through skylights, and light filtering and blackout options allow for custom light control. Supportive sidetracks allow the shades to be installed at any angle and retain their tension. Skylight blinds may be operated manually by hand or with an extension pole, or be motorized for the ultimate convenience.

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    24" x 36"

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Skylight Window Coverings FAQ

Our skylight cellular shades are highly recommended for skylight windows due to their insulating and light-filtering properties. These shades are installed using a supportive sidetrack to keep your shade in place, helping it retain tension. Blindsgalore also recommends including motorization for especially hard to reach windows.

Because skylights are usually angled, skylight cellular shades are installed using a special track on the edges of your window. These tracks will allow your shade to be installed at any angle and ensure it stays in place. Adding motorization will give you the option to control these shades remotely or even link them to your smart home. You can also operate these shades using an extension pole, which you can include while customizing.

Blinds are an unusual option for skylights as they are not designed to be installed at an angle. We recommend skylight cell shades, as they are made specifically for these windows. Cell shades also offer superior light filtering or blackout features when compared to traditional blinds. Unfortunately, we do not offer any window blind options for skylights.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any shutter options for skylights. Instead, we recommend skylight cell shades for these tricky, hard-to-reach windows. Shutters may swing open dangerously and prove hard to operate if installed on a skylight, while our specialty cellular shades will stay perfectly in place.

customer reviews for skylights

5 stars

"Restful Sleep"

By Deepsleeper from Rockland County, NY

My husband had surgery a few months ago and this has trigger sleep deprived anxiety. Our room has 2 skylights on the east and west sides of the room, so bright sunny light comes in all day. Since his surgery he has been complaining about the light and not being able to sleep, BTW he works nights! I went online did my research and found Blindsgalore had very good ratings so I took the dive and ordered blinds for each window. I was a little nervous thinking they might not fit but kept my fingers crossed. I changed our curtains to room darkening curtains and when the blinds came in I was so pleasantly surprised it was a perfect fit. I ordered light grey just to be on the safe side but I am thinking of ordering darker ones now that I know Blindsgalore doesn’t disappoint. The light still filters through but it’s so muted he doesn’t even realize it and is able to sleep. Thank you Blindsgalore for allowing my husband to sleep in his room and not the garage!

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5 stars

"Great deal!"

By GarWa from Jacksonville, Oregon

Perfect for my skylights but can be frustrating during install if (as in my case) the brackets are not bent to the proper angle. I'm not sure if it was from the factory or during shipping but after much sweat and cussing (along with a ladder fall), I found the brackets unable to attach to the shade. I uninstalled the brackets and found they would not connect to the shade until I bent them into proper position. Once that occurred, the blinds installed with ease. So just be aware. Other than this the shades are awesome and a great value!

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