ChelleChelle takes us back

1900 From Russia With Love

Here at Blindsgalore, sourcing, designing and providing products and service have been in our blood for generations. My grandfather escaped from the Russian Army in the early 1900's and forged his way to America, making the Midwest his home. To survive, he bought a horse-pulled truck and peddled produce and home goods in this small town, eventually building up a fleet of trucks with a warehouse to service the community.

1945 Products Galore

After WWII, my Dad returned from San Francisco where he had commanded all the goods and service for the Pacific Theater. With his résumé and professional contacts, he expanded the small family business into a large, diverse and successful operation. As a visionary and dynamic leader, my Dad's mission, even then, was to offer great service and great prices!

1960 Hotel A-Go-Go

With my Dad's entrepreneurial spirit and savvy business acumen, he entered the real estate market, bought raw land and built a landmark hotel and the city's first shopping center. His real estate holdings expanded and he soon owned and operated over a dozen hotels in many states across the Midwest. For over thirty years my family has been building, managing, designing and decorating all kinds of spaces, most of them filled with lots of windows to cover.

1980 Chic Eats

My exposure to all things business and beautiful has informed my own professional life. I have always been on the lookout for new trends and introducing and engaging customers with fresh ideas. In the 1980's, before the "foodie movement" took hold, I designed, opened and operated one of the first specialty gourmet food stores, an emporium of fantastic delights!

1998 First to Market

With the explosion of the Internet, I saw an unclaimed niche in the custom made window covering arena and realized the potential to bring top notch window treatments to everyone and was launched. Pulling together my family's long-term relationships with design workshops and professional manufacturers, Blindsgalore initiated the first online website dedicated to offer custom made window treatments that are accessible and affordable. As an early innovator, Blindsgalore's mission has always been to deliver beautiful, yet practical, quality products. I have always believed in empowering our customers to be able to create their own style.

2004 One Million Windows

With incredible success, in 2004, Blindsgalore reached the million milestone in covering one million windows by knowing that our customers always come first and dedicating our resources into an easy, intuitive website. Blindsgalore has revolutionized shopping for window treatments as we march toward the two million mark.

2011 Blindsgalore 2.0

With the DIY movement dominating how our homes are styled, Blindsgalore always strives to offer the biggest and best selection of custom made window treatments. With constant attention to detail, service, quality and prices, Blindsgalore has become the place to come and be inspired to add the finishing touch to your home.

2014 Design for life

Blindsgalore aspires to be the online leader in this unique home decor specialty. To enhance and expand our Blindsgalore collection, my daughter, Alissa, will be taking us to the next level. With her fierceness in leadership and innovation, she will be creating the ultimate Blindsgalore shopping experience.