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...and I am passionate about creating a warm, inspiring space for you and your family. I want to bring your home to a whole new level of comfort and style. For me, custom made window treatments are the unifying accent piece for any room to pull it together. Keep up with me and I'll show you how to love your windows!

The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas

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  • Feature2_edit How To Control Light With Window Treatments
    Source: Blindsgalore You may control the light coming into your home as little or as much as you would like. The first step in accomplishing this is to really consider how you use your rooms. You thought you always wanted a light filled living room to entertain in, but in reality you just use it to watch your recorded shows  Read more
  • how-to-measure-window-treatments How to Get in the Mood to Measure Window Treatments
    The thrill of outfitting your home with new window treatments is a lot like diving headfirst into a swimming pool. You know it will be refreshing and ultimately rewarding, but just thinking about the initial shock of cold water can make you hesitate about jumping in. The process for measuring window treatments is often the ice cold shock most people  Read more
  • Best-sleeping-window-treatments Best Sleeping Window Treatments
    Loving light and how it affects our lives, our moods and our homes, the summer solstice which happens this Sunday, June 21st, highlights a special day of celebrating light and fantasy. Here in Southern California the sun rises at 5:41 am PDT, and sets at 8:59 pm, to give us the longest daylight hours of the year. The sun rises high in  Read more
  • aiken-gardens 5 Way To Summerize Your Porch
    The lazy days of summer have finally arrived. Made complete with endless lemonade stands, breezy cotton sundresses, cold watermelon, and the lingering smell of sunscreen, I love embracing this special season to the fullest. Is it just me, or are the most pungent memories created in the summer? This is most likely attributed to the long days, warm nights, and  Read more
  • Featured Why We Love Green Window Treatments
    I hope by now that green is enveloping your world as summer is in full swing and the tempting lushness of the earth intensifies your moods. Green is a soothing, relaxing color that is our second favorite color to blue. Green occupies the most space on the color spectrum that is visible to the human eye, making green the brightest  Read more
  • magical-motorized-window-treatments Motorized Blinds are Magical Window Treatments
    Our windows need to be covered. Without blinds or shades, we’d have to deal with too many annoying outside elements which disrupt the comfort of our homes. I know that I’d personally rather not have to deal with my neighbor’s wandering eyes the next time I’m jetting around my living room. Window treatments help to create this barrier of personal  Read more
  • Window-Box-of-Flowers A Fresh Bunch Of Blooms For Your Windows
    With Memorial Day on my mind, the tradition of flowers to honor friends and family is also a reminder to fill as many corners of my home as possible with fresh blooms. Bright and cheerful floral bunches greeting you every time you open your window blinds is one way to make your place a little happier. Either you live in a small  Read more
  • FeaturedImage Rooms Without Windows Design Ideas
    A design challenge for many of us is how to open up dark rooms that are encased within walls with no windows to the outside light. A room that does not shine with lucidity and natural light requires creativity and little magic showmanship to illuminate any drab space. I do have a few easy ideas to amp up the brightness  Read more
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