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Hi, I am Katie…

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...and I am passionate about creating a warm, inspiring space for you and your family. I want to bring your home to a whole new level of comfort and style. For me, custom made window treatments are the unifying accent piece for any room to pull it together. Keep up with me and I'll show you how to love your windows!

The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas

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  • FEATURE_EDIT A Perfect Window Treatment For Every Window
    Just like window treatments, windows themselves come in many different sizes and shapes. Distinct rooms require distinct windows and average sized rectangular windows cannot be classified as one-size fits all. Along with varying proportions, windows are also manufactured to be operated in different ways. Some you lift, some you slide, and some don’t open at all. All of these factors  Read more
  • this is a test Be Mean About Clean
    Seems like this time of the year we become obsessed with organizing our cluttered minds and our homes, getting rid of all the jumble of things that mysteriously appear in our closets, on the floors, in the car, on the desk, under the bed, in the pantry. Dare I even mention the garage? You have already been bombarded with countless  Read more
  • mix-it-to-the-max Mix It To The Max!
    Décor doesn’t always need to appear symmetrical and classic. If you are like me, eclectic pieces, bold colors, and intricate patterns brighten even the gloomiest days. Patterns come in every color, many textures, and abundant sizes. Mix-matched patterns and colors are all the rage this season. Make sure you follow a few guidelines when doing so to let your home  Read more
  • Featured 6 Decorating Resolutions
    Our homes are our solace, a shelter from the storms of life, an escape from the demons and conflicts that haunt us daily. Renewing our living space comforts and soothes us to be calmer and happier people. Just a few colorful and individual touches can perk up your home now as more peaceful, slower days let us relax a bit.  Read more
  • ShopByStyle_CottageChic A Designer Look For Each Room
    Creating a professional look that is uniquely yours can seem like an intimidating task. Abundant colors, patterns, styles, and décor pieces will leave even the most experienced designer in a rut, contemplating which combinations work the best. The Boutique by Blindsgalore aims to simplify this process by offering a small collection of high quality products in stylish prints, patterns, and colors.  Read more
  • Relax,-renew,-revision Renew-Refresh-Redo
    A new year, a new beginning-a chance to rip up the old calendar and the past, a chance to throw away all the misses from 2014 and leap up, jump, spring, fly into the possibilities waiting to be unwrapped for 2015. Kick in a better you, Don’t be blue, Subdue, Redo, See it through A new view!   Kick Up  Read more
  • 1713670631 The Evolution of the Resolution
    We’ve been making New Year’s Resolutions since the beginning of time and breaking them ever since. Usually, our best intentions fizzle out before the end of January. That’s just enough time to remember how much effort these things take and why we never did them in the first place.     I suppose it’s because resolutions are the best way  Read more
  • bm6q6ve4hX5_50WIvOSScBaNAEICctCLg4oSd0-lr1o2 A Sparkling New Year’s Eve Party
    The New Year is a time for reflection and change. We begin plotting what needs to be done better in the future by creating resolutions and breaking bad habits. I like to take this time to assess any completed home projects and start etching out which renovations need to be done within the next year. Evaluating my personal growth as  Read more
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