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...and I am passionate about creating a warm, inspiring space for you and your family. I want to bring your home to a whole new level of comfort and style. For me, custom made window treatments are the unifying accent piece for any room to pull it together. Keep up with me and I'll show you how to love your windows!

The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas

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  • Featured_kids_1 Child Safe Blinds Make A Happy Home
    October is the “trick or treat” month that is now haunting our homes as Halloween continues to be an outrageous holiday, but I want to remind you that October is also Child Window Safety Month and your home and the safety of your children are at the top of my mind. Before you become deluged with costumes, candy and craziness,  Read more
  • Traditional Kitchen Valance Valances Top Off Your Windows
    Valances are simply the top decoration to windows, made of fabric which glide across the upper part of a window. Most valances are made of a soft fabric that is draped, gathered or folded, covering the upper third of the window glass and in many cases, just barely swoop across the window. I like to think of valances as the  Read more
  • Bells and Whistles For Blinds and Shades Window Treatment Extras
    There’s nothing more exciting than designing custom blinds and shades. Okay, maybe one or two things, but it’s definitely up there. Think about it, this is your chance to give your home a complete makeover. Whatever your wildest dreams are for your windows – now is your chance to make it happen! I’m not just talking about choosing a nice  Read more
  • Feature_edit Shutters For Every Style
    Source: HGTV Few interior design elements are so classic that they truly never go out of style. Shutters are a prime example of a common detail in a home that has been around for centuries, yet is still sought after as a feature in the newest of homes. Similar to an updated bathroom or kitchen, investing in shutters only adds  Read more
  • IMG_0190 Swan Song for Summer
    We anticipate and anxiously await summer-the languid, long days and nights, a few stolen moments of stillness to soak in the healing rays of the sun, a tart lemonade on the patio and before we know it, dark descends more quickly, the winds change and we grab a sweater in the evening. Pouf! Summer slips away. Before our favorite season  Read more
  • Featured The Secret Life of a Window Treatment
    Have you ever wondered what your window treatments are up to when you’re not around? I mean, you can’t just sit there staring at your blinds all day waiting for them to do something – you’ve got things to do! Well, guess what, so do they. Your windows are awake while you’re at work and your shades are stirring while  Read more
  • Roman Shades Window Treatment Ideas Classy Roman Shades
    Roman shades are soft fabric window treatments that hang flat against the window when in the down position but fold up neatly and crisply into horizontal folds when raised with a cord, or for the ultimate ease of operation, a motorized option is always available. A basic roman shade simply results in evenly sized horizontal folds when raised. Roman shades  Read more
  • feature_edit The Many Uses For Panel Track Blinds
    Once upon a time, the only available options to cover an expansive window or sliding glass door were drapery or vertical blinds. To their credit, a wide range of performance fabrics and innovative materials have brought vast improvements to these vertical window solutions. While these treatment categories have come a long way in terms of function and design, when it  Read more
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