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...and I am passionate about creating a warm, inspiring space for you and your family. I want to bring your home to a whole new level of comfort and style. For me, custom made window treatments are the unifying accent piece for any room to pull it together. Keep up with me and I'll show you how to love your windows!

The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas

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  • FeatureA Lattice Loves To Decorate Our Homes
    I am finally declaring the end of gray and blustery days, and embracing the call of the outside with an invitation to bring a little bit of “lattice love” into your homes. Lattice is an iconic pattern found in the garden as a treillage which provides an architectural framework for roses, sweet peas, vining vegetables or any plants that meander  Read more
  • Featured May Day Window Suprises
    Although I am a born and bred Californian, I spent many years in the Midwest where the first of every May honored the beautiful tradition of May Day. Brimming with a fanciful Maypole dance, crowns of fresh flowers and May baskets, this day long ode to the glory of warm weather, new beginnings, promises of renewal and the joy of  Read more
  • styling-bright-sunny-windows Styling Sunny Colorful Window Treatments
    Backyard barbecues, parties by the pool, and fun family vacations all signal that spring has arrived and summer is on its way. Maybe it’s the lingering memory of time off from school or perhaps just the excitement of spending extra time with my family that always has me beaming for joy whenever the seasons change. Regardless, bold colors, familiar smells,  Read more
  • EarthWindow A Window’s Ode To Planet Earth
    A Window’s Ode To Planet Earth A special salute to you, Our fellow eco-lovers. We love the Earth, too! Let’s share it with others.   Committed to going green At the top of our minds. Let’s keep the planet clean! So start with our blinds.   Materials that are sustainable Like bamboo, reed, and jute, Are kind of self-explainable. As  Read more
  • Cellular-Shadesx-Cellular-Door-Decor-French-Door Our Doorways Love Window Treatments, Too!
    You have all of your windows covered, but now you need to think about all of the doors around your home that have windows in them. Commonly overlooked, many doors around the home have windows, whether it be an expansive sliding glass door in your family room or a simple side door in your laundry room. Windows in doors let  Read more
  • two-for-one-window-seating 5 Tricky Windows for Sunny Days
    Let’s face it, our windows are as unique as we all are. No two sets are exactly the same, yet each is beautiful in its own way. As one of the most important features in the home, windows are still often overlooked. Right as you begin dressing windows, you realize that some may be tricky to properly treat. There are  Read more
  • AA1 Color Crush On Tulips
    Tulips burst the spring with color, often the first flower to push through even snow covered ground to announce the emergence of all things blooming. I can’t resist the brilliant shades of tulips as their pureness and vibrancy of hue magnify an unsurpassed elegance. Even the colors of tulips symbolize a specific meaning. Red signifies true love; yellow refers to  Read more
  • Featured Make It A Happy Home
    Our homes are extensions of ourselves, a visual portrait of who we are, what we love, what moves us, what nourishes us, what sustains us-our heart center where we crash, cool off, converse, and charge up. A house can be built, but a home must be made, whether you have a small apartment, a starter home, a brand new home  Read more
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