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Bali Skylight Blinds & Shades

Blindsgalore carries a selection of high quality, custom Bali skylight shades and blinds at discounted prices.  These Bali cellular shades are capable of blocking harmful UV rays while also insulating your home and reducing your energy bill.  Specifically made for skylight windows, this Bali Northern Lights© line of cellular shades has many great features to improve the funcitonality of your home.  Such features include easy operation at any angle of window and custom made skylight poles and handles for large or hard to reach windows.

We carry these Bali skylight shades in a variety of colors and styles.  Bali has been a leading brand in the window treatment industry for nearly seventy years and is highly dedicated to producing environmentally friendly blinds and shades.  By choosing one of their skylight shades or skylight blinds you are gauranteed a reliable, trustworthy product.

things to consider:

Consider what level of light control and privacy you will need.  Bali offers privacy and blackout liners and materials depending on your needs.  Take a look at the Bali Midnight blackout cellular shade for maximum light control and home insulation.

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  • 24" x 36" inches
Fabric Opacity
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  • Semi-Opaque(1)Semi-Opaque

    Although light is substantially blocked, some vague shadows may be visible

  • Opaque / Blackout(1)Opaque

    Opaque window treatments are made from fabrics or materials that block light

Popular Features
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  • Blackout(1)Blackout

    Blackout blinds and shades can eliminate glare on TVs and monitors, make sleeping easier or simply used to darken a room

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  • Beige / Neutral(1)Beige / Neutral

    Beige / neutral is a versatile color that goes well with many different looks

  • Red / Pink(1)Red / Pink

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring red or pink fabrics and materials

  • Yellow / Cream(1)Yellow / Cream

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring yellow and cream colored fabrics and materials

  • Green(1)Green

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring green fabrics and materials

  • Blue(1)Blue

    Choose from our great selection of window treatments featuring materials and fabrics in numerous shades of blue

  • Purple(1)Purple

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring purple fabrics and materials

  • Gray(1)Gray

    Choose from light gray tones to deep slate colors - everything between white and black

Your selections also include:
  • Window Shades
  • Cellular / Honeycomb
  • Double Cell
  • 3/8" Pleat
  • Privacy
  • Horizontal
  • Sloped / Angled
  • White / Off-White
  • Brown
  • Bathroom
  • Cellular
  • Fabric
  • Energy Efficient
  • SkyTrack™
  • On Sale

Customer Reviews for Skylights Bali

5 stars

"Really great!"

By Irisica from Easthampton

We love these blinds!  They were a little tricky to install

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5 stars

"Very Happy"

By Lisa from Nevada

I had been wanting a Skylight blind for a couple years but they were always to expensive.  I found this site

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