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  • 24" x 36" inches
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  • White / Off-White(1)White / Off-White

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring white and off-white fabrics and materials

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    Beige / neutral is a versatile color that goes well with many different looks

  • Brown(1)Brown

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring brown fabrics and materials

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    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring yellow and cream colored fabrics and materials

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    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring green fabrics and materials

  • Blue(1)Blue

    Choose from our great selection of window treatments featuring materials and fabrics in numerous shades of blue

  • Gray(1)Gray

    Choose from light gray tones to deep slate colors - everything between white and black

  • Metallic(1)Metallic

    Choose from our selection of window treatments featuring metallic-colored materials

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Customer Reviews for Patio / Sliding Doors PVC/Vinyl Blindsgalore

5 stars

"My bucket list is almost complete!"

By Very happy customer from Long Beach CA

Thank you blinds galore for making my house a home.  For years I have admired and wanted mirrored blinds but couldnt afford them.  Finally when I was able to fit it in my budget, I shopped around and no one sold them anymore and I was devastated.  My last resort was to go online and look for the blinds and there you were.  I called and ordered and you delivered.  I have never been so happy with window coverings as I am with my mirrored blinds.  Everyone who visits my home compliments and adores my new furnishings.  The furniture is nice but the blinds added the finishing touches perfectly.  I always said I was going to have mirrored blinds in my home and have only seen them one time before now and fell in love.  Thank you for not discontinuing them as they are one of my prized posessions.

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5 stars

"Mirrored verticles"

By She from Louisiana

Love the blinds the quality is very rich, haven't put them up yet but they will make the room very attractive.

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