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Plantation shutters, also known as interior window shutters, are the ultimate in custom window coverings, offering long-term value and increased appreciation of your home.  Blindsgalore offer its own signature series of high-quality plantation shutters in faux wood, composite wood and PVC vinyl.  These materials are more durable than traditional wood shutters, allowing you to confidently put shutters in high traffic areas, children's rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms.  Composite wood shutters are nearly indistinguishable from real wood, and vinyl shutters offer a great look with scratch-resistant durability.  Both are moisture resistant and are available in a wide variety of customizable looks.

plantation shutter features:

  • Available in wood alloy composite, or durable vinyl
  • Choose 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" louvers depending on your window size and view needs
  • Consider simple or decorative frame options with 1, 2 or 4 panel configurations

How to order your plantation shutters:

Read this first - There are a few steps to consider, but it's easy.  First decide if you'd like to mount the shutters in your window frame or on the wall surface.  This will make the following options simpler to understand.  If you need help, call us!  The points below will help you understand the difference between mounting your shutters inside vs.  outside.

Inside vs.  outside mount: Inside mount shutters fit completely inside the window opening.  If the window is set deeply and has no obstruction (like a crank handle), they can be flush to the wall.  If the window is shallow or you prefer a bolder look, the shutters will be set above the surface.

Small windows - For small windows, mounting inside will limit the amount of light that can pass with the louvers open.  If you plan to 'open' and 'close' with the slats instead of opening and closing the shutter doors, an outside mount allows more light when open.

Windows with cranks - Cranks will likely interfere with inside mount shutters and require outside mount.

Windows with trim - If you have a window with trim around the edges, and you plan to keep the trim, your new shutters can be sized to go over the trim, leaving it as-is.  This will make the shutters slightly larger and bolder looking and increase the cost somewhat.  If you wish to remove the trim (it would not be visible with shutters closed), then the trim is not a factor in choosing inside or outside, and it is again based on your aesthetic preference.

Choosing frame width: Plantation shutters have a frame around the outside that holds the shutters in place.  The frame can be 2-1/4" or 3-1/4" inch.  If you are mounting inside, a smaller frame allows more light with the shutter slats open.  If you are mounting outside or if there is plenty of light, choose for aesthetics.  Larger frames coordinate with larger sized trim and room detail.

How inside mount works: Hang Strips - Used in inside mount shutters, hang strips provide the structure for the shutters to attach to.  Hang strips are pre-drilled for easy installation.  Note: Hang strips require a window frame that is 'square', meaning the corners and 90 degrees and surfaces are flat.  If your windows aren't square, use an outside mount.

How outside mount works: L-Frame - Outside mount L frames attach to the wall and go over the window, allowing for out of square windows, obstructions and trim to be left alone.

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  • 24" x 36" inches
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5 stars

"Bonus Improvement"

By Jake from Stuart

We we're delighted with the overall process and cannot believe how they ahve improved our bathroom

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5 stars

"So happy with these shutters!"

By JAK from IL

These shutters were so easy to assemble and look great on my bathroom window.

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