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Motorized/ Remote Control Mini Blinds

Motorized mini blinds, offer convenience and ease of operation, and are especially useful for hard to reach or large windows.  Blindsgalore offers remote control mini blinds from our own signature line.  Mini blinds with the motorized option will tilt the slats open and closed (but not raise the blind).

easy operation:

The motors inside the blind are operated by a remote control.  When ordering a motorized option, you will also need to purchase at least one remote control.  Typically one remote can operate multiple motorized blinds for added convenience.

The options and functionality of the motors and remote controls will vary by product and manufacturer, so please read the descriptions on each product page.  For example, some remotes operate using infrared or "line of sight" transmission, while other remotes use radio frequency transmission which can operate without pointing directly at the shade or blind and can control single shades or groups of shades simultaneously for added convenience.

  • 24" x 36" incheschange
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Customer Reviews for Remote Control / Motorized Mini Window Blinds

5 stars

"Great blinds"

By Catsny from Queens

I am very happy with the look and quality of these blinds.  I would definitely recommend them.

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5 stars

"Good Purchase"

By CityofNorfolkPurchas from Norfolk, VA

We purchased blinds for one of the recreation centers in our city, and the blinds are durable, sturdy, decorative and lasting.

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