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Bali® Design Basics 2" Wood Blinds

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24" x 36"
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If you love the look of real wood blinds, but don't think you can fit them into your decorating budget, then Bali's Design Basics are for you.  Made of select North American Basswood, the stained or painted finishes match any décor and are available with standard braided ladders or with the optional No Holes routeless slats for added privacy and light control.

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  • Blinds less than 16" wide must have split controls (L/R or R/L)
  • Color coordinated heavy duty steel headrail
  • Crafted of select North American hardwood with rectangular bottomrail
  • Standard 2 1/2" Valance included at no extra charge
  • Available with cord tilt only
  • Color coordinated ladders, cords, and tassels
  • Made from eco-friendly domestic basswood.  A material that is available in considerable supply.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Specifications
  • Width 12" - 78"
  • Height 12" - 84"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 1 3/4"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 3 1/4"
  • Minimum outside-mount space 2"
  • Headrail depth and height 2 1/4" x 2"

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Select a product color: (5 available)

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White Cotton - 1424
  • White Cotton 1424
White Cotton - 1424
Antique White - 1026
Maple - 1039
Regal Oak - 1038
Coffee - 1716
step 2

Select a mount option:

What are my mount options?


Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.

Outside mount blinds will be installed on the wall above the window, covering the window entirely.  Enter the size you want the finished product to be, including the desired overlap.  The ordered height will include the hardware for blinds and shades.  This option is required if your window is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount.

step 3

Select a size

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Single blind

Left blind

Width: inches

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Center blind



Right blind



step 4

Select a lift option:

What are my lift options?
No Lift

No Lift

This option is for blinds under 12" net width.  Blinds less than 12" will have a tilt wand in the center of the headrail to rotate the slats open and closed, but no lift operation.

Standard cord lift with a cord lock mechanism for reliable and easy positioning of the blind.  Simply pull the cord to raise to the desired height, and the cord locks in place.  Pull the cord slightly to release and lower the blind.  Cord can be positioned on either side of the blind.

step 5

Select a tilt option:

What are my tilt options?


Choose the center wand tilt option for blinds under 12".  Wand will be positioned in the center of blind to open and close slats by twisting.  This option is only available for blinds less than 12" width.

Rotates the horizontal slats open or closed by pulling up or down on either tilt cord.  The cord tilt option provides a uniform appearance to blinds ordered with standard cord lift.

step 6

Select a routeless option:

Learn more about routeless
No routeless

No routeless

By eliminating routing holes, routeless window blinds offer more privacy and greater light control.  Notches on the backside of each slat replace the holes, creating a cleaner look and tighter slat closure.

step 7

Select a valance option:

What are my valance options?


This 2 1/2" valance is a simple yet elegant valance option.  For a more balanced look on larger windows or for a more decorative style, consider one of the larger valance options.

Valance size: 2 1/2"
step 8

Select a hardware option:

What are my hardware options?
Long Extension Brackets

Long Extension Brackets

Extension brackets (outside mount only) are available for windows with obstructions such as door handles.  These brackets offer the extra projection needed to clear the obstruction so the blind operates correctly. 
Note: When ordering extension brackets along with a valance, the valance returns (the side pieces that cover the end of the headrail) may be made longer to accommodate the extra space.  Order extension brackets only if the extra space is required, or the valance may not fit properly.

Hold down brackets are designed for outside mount shades that will be used on doors or in windy areas.  The fully-lowered shade attaches to the brackets using small holes in bottom rail.  To raise the shade, it must be unfastened from the bracket.  Hold downs are available only for outside mount shades.

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Primary Product Color:

White Cotton




Width x Height:
24" x 36"










Ext. Brackets:
HD Brackets:


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5 stars

"Great Product"

by www from Hawaii on November 15, 2011

The blinds were a snap to un-package and install.  Total time was twenty minutes.  Instructions are simple and easy to follow.  Great looking blinds and a perfect fit.

5 stars

"Great Value"

by Scott on June 07, 2007

Bought in Cherry color to match Northern Heights that had been purchased for more $$ about 2 years ago (Cherry was not being offered as a color in Northern Heights anymore).  Design Basics look just as good, if not better.  Very easy to install.  One negative -- wand tilt is not an option.

  • Appearance:4.0 out of 5
  • Construction:4.0 out of 5
  • Value:5.0 out of 5
  • Ease of Installation:5.0 out of 5
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4 stars

"wood blinds"

by Becky from Michigan on March 29, 2013

telling friends very nice and reasonable prices and in good condition