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Blindsgalore® Designer Roman Shades: Raised Vine & Scrolling Vine

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24" x 36"
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Made from premium fabrics and classical workroom construction, our Blindsgalore Designer Roman Shades offer high-end decorator quality at a budget-friendly price.  With a wide selection of fabrics, color and options, you can get the style and quality you want without overspending.  Choose from four different shade styles and a variety of control and lining options.

Raised Vine and Scrolling Vine are a semi-opaque/room-darkening 100% polyester fabric with a rich floral design, reminiscent of elegant tapestries.

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  • Raised Vine100% polyester fabric, Scrolling Vine 57% Cotton / 42% Polyester
  • Bottom panel length will vary depending on total shade height - shades of differing heights in the same room may have a different look
  • Fabric width is 54" wide; shades beyond this width will have a vertical seam
  • Production 10-12 days Estimated Delivery about 17 days from order date
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Specifications
  • Width 12" - 120"
  • Height 12" - 120"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 1"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 2 1/4"
  • Minimum outside-mount space 1 3/4"
  • Headrail depth and height 2" x 1 3/8"

Please note the following exceptions to the above specifications.

  • Cordless Lift
  • Width 19" - 84"
  • Height 24" - 84"
  • Hidden Continuous Corded Loop Lift
  • Width 19" - 120"
  • Top Down Bottom Up Lift
  • Width 13" - 96"
  • Height 16" - 96"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 2"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 2 1/8"
  • Minimum outside-mount space 1 1/2"
  • Headrail depth and height 2" x 3/4"
  • Flat Fold Shade Style
  • Height 16" - 120"
  • Plain Fold Shade Style
  • Height 16" - 120"
  • Soft Fold Shade Style
  • Height 16" - 120"

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Order your blind by following the easy steps below!
step 1

Select a product color: (8 available)

Learn more
Raised Vine Cream - 163
  • Raised Vine Cream 163

Raised Vine

Raised Vine Cream - 163
Raised Vine Blue Haze - 164
Raised Vine Brush - 162
Raised Vine Claret - 165
Raised Vine Jet - 161

Scrolling Vine

Scrolling Vine Cashmere - 171
Scrolling Vine Cotton - 172
Scrolling Vine Linen - 173
step 2

Select a mount option:

What are my mount options?


Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.

Outside mount blinds will be installed on the wall above the window, covering the window entirely.  Enter the size you want the finished product to be, including the desired overlap.  The ordered height will include the hardware for blinds and shades.  This option is required if your window is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount.

step 3

Select a size

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Single blind

Left blind

Width: inches

Height: inches

Center blind



Right blind



step 4

Select a lift option:

What are my lift options?


Shade raises with a pull of the cord and locks in place with a standard cord lock mechanism.  Shade cord is positioned behind the shade for a neat, uncluttered appearance.

Shade raises with a pull of the cord and locks in place with a standard cord lock mechanism.  Shade cord is in the front of the shade for easy operation.

With this option, you don’t need to choose between privacy and light - you can have them both.  To let in light, use the left cord to lower the shade from the top, while keeping the bottom of the window covered.  When you want an unobstructed view, use the right cord to raise the shade as you would normally from the bottom.  Or, position the shade anywhere in the window by using both cords.

Note: White cords used for this option only.  The headrail on outside mount shades will be slightly wider than ordered width with this lift option.

Enjoy added safety and effortless operation with cordless lift operation.  Cordless roman shades offer a safer alternative for homes with children and pets.  To lower blind, pull down using hand grips on the bottomrail.  To raise, simply guide the blind into the desired location by gently lifting the bottomrail.  Shades with the cordless option will not have a valance.

A continuous cord loop and clutch assembly that provides the mechanical advantage needed to raise large shades.  Cord tensioner (included) must be properly mounted for product to function properly.  Cord is positioned behind the shade for a clean appearance.  Inside mount shades with this lift option have no valance; outside mount shades will have a valance with returns to hide operating mechanisms and headrail will be 1" wider than the shade (outside mount only).

step 5

Select a shade style option:

Learn more about shade style
Flat Fold

Flat Fold

This simple, elegant design has no horizontal seams or stitching.  It is an excellent choice for fabrics with large scale patterns that look best without interruption.  When fully extended, the entire pattern is displayed.  Small tack stitches used to attach the cord rings may be visible on the front of the shade.  When first installed, this style should be pulled up fully and left in place several days to create "pleat memory".

This is a structured contemporary look that requires minimal dressing.  Stay pockets on the back of the shade create pleats which look great with most fabrics.  All fabrics look good with this style but note that stay pockets do interrupt patterned fabrics.  This shade stacks very efficiently.  On shades with the Premium Blackout liner, light seepage may occur through pinholes from the stitching, especially at the horizontal pleats.

Sometimes known as hobbled or looped fold, the soft flow of is created by hobbling the face fabric onto the lining for cascading soft folds at 6" intervals.  While still tailored, this style has a wonderfully soft feel.  The flexibility of this style lends itself to use with all kinds of fabrics from more heavy, full-bodied to softer, more lightweight.  Note that when using a patterned fabric with a large repeat, the pattern will be interrupted at each pleat/fold.

step 6

Select a liner option:

What are my liner options?
Premium Blackout

Premium Blackout

This standard light weight lining is a basic light-filtering fabric made from a 70/30 Polyester/Cotton Blend.  The lining is stitched to the back of the shade to protect the facing fabric from the sun and provide a neutral color to the outside.  Available in white or ivory.

Liner color:

Blocking up to 95% of sunlight, the Room Darkening Lining features excellent drapability and is pinhole resistant do to its woven construction.  Made from luxurious triple cloth 100% polyester with woven-in room darkening lining.  Available in white only; has a slight grey appearance to white on the outside.

This medium weight light-filtering liner provides protection from the heat and cold while also protecting from UV rays which could lead to fading.  The material is 100% cotton, 1 pass acrylic foam with rayon flock backing and has a smooth sheen finish.  Available in white or ivory.

Liner color:

Blocking 100% of incoming light, this heavy weight lining is recommended for use on less opaque, light colored fabrics.  Made from 100% cotton, 3 pass acrylic foam with rayon flock backing.  Available in white only.  On shades with the Plain Fold style, light seepage may occur through pinholes from the stitching, especially at the horizontal pleats.

step 7

Select a fabric by the yard option:

Learn more
No fabric by the yard

No fabric by the yard

You can create your own matching accessories using the same fabric as your roman shade.  Choose this option for one yard of fabric in the same color as your shade.  Fabric width is indicated in the Specifications tab above.

Choose this option for two yards of fabric in the same color as your shade.  For cut fabric lengths greater than 2 yards, please contact our sales department to place our order.

last step!

Optional information:

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Primary Product Color:

Raised Vine Cream




Width x Height:
24" x 36"



Shade Style:




Fabric by the Yard:



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- $42.89
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5 stars

"Plain fold shade"

by RebeccaReno from Metro Denver on March 27, 2014

I gambled and didn't order a sample of the fabric, and though the fabric (brush) was a bit more gold than expected, looks GREAT with my olive green dining room walls.  The shade was easy to install, operates well and was a great value compared to other sites I looked at.  Ordering a matching shade for my kitchen window.

5 stars

"Love my roman shade!"

by merreben on November 7, 2013

My new roman shade in kitchen is gorgeous!  I ordered the blue haze and it is even prettier than I expected!  The raised vine pattern is shiny.  Love, love, love!

5 stars

"Great custom option"

from Austin, TX on July 15, 2013

After looking locally for custom shades and not liking the prices, I tried Blindsgalore.  This was the third shade I ordered.  They have all been great.  We didn't install,but had someone else do it so I can't comment on that.  Otherwise, the price was great.  I am very happy with the quality and they look as expected and seen online.  I would definitely order from tehm again and recommend to friends.