Child Safety Options

More than 140 children have accidentally died in the U.S. since 1981 from strangling on looped window covering cords.

A child cannot yell for help under such circumstances. Surprisingly, a window covering can still remain attached to the wall even under the weight of a small child (According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC).

Luckily, child safety is something that the window coverings industry has addressed within the last few years, and major manufacturers continue to develop new features to ensure a safe home.
Child Safety Guidelines
First and foremost, repair or replace blinds, shades and draperies purchased before 2001 with today's safer products.

If you already have window coverings, make sure that they are safe by eliminating any looped cords.

The Window Covering Safety Council offers free safety and design tips to ensure your child's safety. They also offer a free Cord-Stop kit along with instructions on how to retro-fit any of your existing window coverings. You can contact the Window Covering Safety Council by calling 1-800-506-4636 or online at
Special Product Safety Features
Many of today's products now come with special features that enhance product safety. If you have small children, you will want to look for these features:
Break-Thru Safety Tassels:
Break apart and separate when pressure is applied on them
Continuous Cord Loop:
Uses a pulley-like system with a single cord, eliminating the use of dangling cords.
Eliminates cords altogether. Blinds or shades can be lifted or lowered by hand.
In addition to these great options, all blinds and shades at Blindsgalore use lead-free paint, which is one less danger to worry about. Some imported vinyl mini blinds contain lead, that will run the risk of lead poisoning if chewed.

No matter what choice you make for your window covering needs, please be careful by taking the necessary precautions to help ensure your child's safety. Take comfort that Blindsgalore offers these safety options for the protection of you and your family.
Safety Featured Blinds & Shades
All the blinds we sell have safety features, but we've gathered the products that we care with the extra security of a cordless option: here