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Bali Customiser® Mini Blinds

Bali Customiser Mini Blinds feature contemporary 1 inch slats and a two part valance that presents a finished appearance.  These aluminum mini blinds are very durable and a practical choice for those on a budget.  Having a very versatile style, Bali Customiser mini blinds are capable or coordinating with any home decor as well as other styles of window treatments.  Shop here at Blindsgalore for discount prices and free shipping on these Bali Customiser mini blinds.

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  • 24" x 36" incheschange
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Customer Reviews for Customiser® Bali

5 stars


By Karenpj from Coconut Creek

The fit is perfect and the guage is great for a large window.  The blind is very light weight.

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5 stars

"Let's pull blinds so nice to look ay"

By PeeDab from Nebraska

The nice thing about my blinds that they matched the color from my drapies.  It's nice finding a company who also willing to cut to your figures

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