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Comfortex SlumberShade™

Comfortex SlumberShades combine energy efficient and insulating blackout cellular shades with a light blocking sidetrack, creating an incredibly dark sleeping environment.  This improved sleeping environment will help you achieve a much more restful night of sleep.  With this latest product line, Comfortex has capitalized on the research results that sleeping in a dark room can help improve your sleep, mood and daily energy.  This successful innovation has earned SlumberShade the honor of being named official cellular shade of the National Sleep Foundation.

The main feature of Comfortex SlumberShade that allows it to provide such powerful light control and insulation is the blackout sidetracks.  These sidetracks are from durable PVC to prevent air leaks and blacklined to absorb all incoming light.  The sidetrack system seals tight around the window frame blocking the barrier between the window and the blackout cellular shade.  This innovation not only provides superior light control for better sleep but it also improves insulation and the energy efficiency of your home.

Comfortex SlumberShade is also available with a variety of operating systems including standard pull cord, top down-bottom up, continuous cord loop, cordless and cordless top down-bottom up.

Other Features Include:

Child Safe

SlumberShades are made with a child safe breakthrough cord connector or cordless options.

UV Protection

Nearly 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked.

Easy Cleaning

Washable, dust resistant and a non woven polyester fabric that won't fade or fray.


Choose from a wide variety of colors and decorative styles.

Pleat Retention

Maintain the crisp look of your cellular shade pleats.

Insulation Levels

Double Cell or Single Cell.

  • 24" x 36" incheschange
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  • Cellular
  • Fabric
  • Hard-to-Reach
  • Sidelights
  • Energy Efficient
  • Child Safe
  • On Sale

Customer Reviews for SlumberShade™ Comfortex

5 stars


By customer from North Carolina

My husband and I work night shift and trying to sleep during the day with regular blinds/curtains is almost impossible.  We bought and installed theses blinds in our bedroom, absolutely no light escapes thru.  We were amazed and completely satisfied.  They were easy to install and look great!  Thank-you Blindsgalore!

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5 stars

"Best blind purchase yet"

By Blackout BlindsFan from Portland

These blinds are amazing for blocking out light.  Easy to install.  Depending on window framing you will have to install small amounts of weather striping to get the last tiny bits of light blocked out (Small amount included).  The bottom of my window was not level and had a slight light streak I purchased some weather stripping and when blind is closed no light (Attached it to bottom of blind).  If you need to block out light in your room for sleeping or home theater take a look at these.  They are amazing at blocking light.  I plan to purchase them again soon to start blocking more light out of my theater room.

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