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Energy Efficient Blinds

If you want to further insulate your home, you should consider taking a look at insulated window blinds.  These energy efficient blinds will keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature whether you live in a very hot or cold climate.  Interior window shutters are actually the most effective type of insulating blinds and are very stylish and affordable.  These can be paired with a curtain or drape for added dimension and more customized light control and privacy options as well.  Blindsgalore carries these insulated blinds in several materials (pvc/vinyl, faux wood, & composite wood) and colors including white, beige, and woodgrain. 

Installing energy-efficient blinds in your home is not only good for your pocketbook, but good for the environment as well.  By reducing your heating and air conditioning needs, you are also helping to reduce the demand for energy and the byproducts of its production. Blocking harmful UV rays also protects your home furnishings, further saving you money in furniture repair or replacement.

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Customer Reviews for Energy Efficient Window Blinds

5 stars

"Bonus Improvement"

By Jake from Stuart

We we're delighted with the overall process and cannot believe how they ahve improved our bathroom

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5 stars

"So happy with these shutters!"

By JAK from IL

These shutters were so easy to assemble and look great on my bathroom window.

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