Blissful Living with the Blindsgalore Harmony Shades Collection

When we began building the Harmony Collection, our main objective was to curate a harmonious array of shades that are beautiful to look at and made life easier, not harder. Our top priority was to provide our customers with cordless operation that requires minimal effort to raise/lower, as well as motorization that is effortlessly installed and operated. In-house, we affectionately refer to it as the “Smooth Operator”—our heartfelt appreciation to Sade—due to its remarkable fluidity. This collection boasts a myriad of features and benefits that make it a clear and delightful choice for all.


Stylish Shades


A popular shade for any home, our Blindsgalore Harmony Cellular Shades were designed with our discerning customers in mind, those who have an eye for the finer things in life and appreciate quality, style and craftsmanship.

Meticulously designed, these Cellular Shades feature sleek color-coordinated rails in a durable matte-painted aluminum finish, ensuring they stay elegant and warp-free over time. The luxurious “spun-lace” fabrics are a comforting collection of neutrals that provide an elevated look and soft hand. Ideal for nearly every room in the home, these Cellular Shades are packed with incredible features like easy installation, great insulation, privacy and gentle light filtration, just to name a few.

Roller/ Solar Screen

No longer living in the past, Roller Shades are considered one of the top window treatments for modern design. Featuring a perfect fusion of beautiful fabrics and modern modular components, our Blindsgalore Harmony Roller and Solar Shades are most certainly that.

Embracing responsible ecological habits, these shades are produced with the planet in mind, created from eco-conscious materials such as recycled yarns and FSC paper and/or manufactured with careful attention to optimizing production process and utilizing greener production habits. I love the diverse collection of fabrics, with an assortment of textures and weaves designed with high-quality textiles and nature-made materials. Color-coordinated plastic/aluminum hardware and sleek metal bottom rails make it easy to customize shades to suit any home. To add that finishing touch, a diverse valance collection provides flexibility for mounting depth and design needs. Ideal for lofts and industrial spaces, a low-profile exposed roll headrail keeps impact minimum so your view can shine. For a more traditional space, a cassette is an obvious choice with its rounded front and fabric inlay. My favorite is the clean, box faced fascia, that is most at-home in modern homes with deep casement and picture windows.

Smooth Operator


As a leading lift option for homes with children and pets, Cordless Shades eliminate pesky cords that dangle and are easy to get tangled in, not only ensuring safety for your little ones but, as a bonus, also eliminate extra clutter leading to a clean, minimal look. While traditional bottom-up Cellular Shades are standard, I prefer Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shades that feature a uniquely designed magnetic-sealed middle rail. The slight click the shade makes when raised into place is so satisfying. Plus, few shades can top the flexibility of TDBU shades that not only offer privacy, but also can allow unfiltered light into the home.


Centered around Bluetooth Motorization, the Harmony Collection features a rechargeable battery with multiple operation options. All rechargeable motorized shades in the Harmony Collection come with pull control operation, effortless in their design as either a modern ball chain with a minimal tassel endcap (Cellular) or a sleekly designed pull wand (Roller/Solar). With just a quick tug, the motor comes alive, granting you the power to orchestrate the perfect ambiance in any room.

Elevate your control experience with the 5-channel remote that allows you to easily command multiple shades with a single press. To ensure seamless unboxing to installation, each shade comes equipped with a discreet QR code, ingeniously tucked into the pull endcap. Simply install the MotionBlinds App on your phone, scan each QR code to program the shade inside the app and operate your shades from up to 30 feet away. The app makes it easy to set schedules, check your battery life, change shade speed operation and more.

In addition to the built in pull operation, the shades can also be controlled through a 5-channel remote, allowing for multiple shades to lift or lower at the touch of a button. To ensure seamless unboxing to installation, all shades are fitted with Bluetooth motorization and a QR code tucked neatly inside the endcap of the pull. Simply install the Motion Blinds App onto your phone, scan each QR code to program the shade inside the app and operate your shades from up to 30 feet away. The app makes it easy to set schedules, check your battery life, change shade speed operation and more.

My preferred method for managing these shades is remotely, which comes in handy during vacations or when I’m away for the day. By connecting the shades to the Harmony Smart Hub and your home’s Wi-Fi, you unlock the flexibility to control them from anywhere in your residence or anywhere in the world. The added benefit of compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings ensures smooth integration into your home automation ecosystem.

The Harmony Collection is more than just window treatments; it’s a harmony of design, convenience, and innovation. Whether you’re seeking style, safety, or smart control, our collection offers a symphony of options to elevate your living spaces. Experience the smoothest way to transform your windows, and let harmony resonate in every corner of your life.


Featured Image Source: Blindsgalore Harmony Solar Shades