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smart blinds & shades for home windows

Effortlessly connect your smart blinds and shades to your smart home device so you can tilt, raise and lower your window treatments remotely with a phone, tablet, or even by voice. Smart window blinds and shades provide the ultimate in luxury and convenience, giving you total control from anywhere you are.

View our most frequently asked smart blinds questions

connect to your Amazon Alexa using the NEO hub

I want to connect to my Amazon Alexa

Control your automated blinds and shades with your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show device. All you'll need are compatible motorized blinds and our NEO Hub to complete your home automation. The NEO Hub and your Amazon Alexa can pair together in a matter of minutes, allowing you to adjust your motorized blinds or shades with simple voice commands or your iPhone.

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connect to your Google Home using the NEO hub

I want to connect to my Google Home

Get voice control over your smart blinds and smart shades by connecting to your Google Home device. To get started, you'll need compatible motorized window treatments and our NEO Hub device. Before you know it, you'll also be able to control compatible window coverings on your mobile device through the Google Home app.

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connect to your Z-Wave smart home with a ZRTSI II bridge

I want to connect to my Z-Wave Smart Home

Several of our automated smart blinds and shades can naturally communicate through Z-wave, the same technical language used by most smart home hubs. These automated window treatments will directly access your existing home automation system. In this case, you will not need a NEO Smart Hub, you will need a compatible motorized Bali® product

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connect your motorized Levolor blinds or shades to your smart devices

I want to connect my motorized Levolor shades to my smart device

Experience motorization like never before with smart home integration and automated scheduling. With the Levolor Hub, get full control of your Levolor motorized blinds or shades with voice commands or the intuitive app.

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Smart Blinds and Home Automation FAQ

Smart blinds and shades are motorized window treatments that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or existing smart home system. This will allow you to raise and lower your blinds from anywhere you are, as long as you have your smartphone or compatible device. You will also be able to create an automatic opening and closing times and adjust them to perfectly fit your schedule.

Smart blinds are convenient, luxurious, and perfect for anyone looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic. To find the right motorized window coverings for your smart home, please visit: https://www.blindsgalore.com/smart-blinds-shades

The easiest way to make your blinds smart is with a NEO Hub compatible motorized window treatment. Our most popular product categories include solar screens, cellular shades, sheer shades, and roller shades. When customizing your smart shade, make sure to select a motorized lift and include a NEO Smart Hub under the home automation option. The NEO Hub will use your home’s wireless internet to connect your window covering to your smart devices.

If you have an existing home automation system that uses Z-wave (like SmartThings, Wink, Iris, or Nexia), many of our Bali® motorized window treatments can be linked directly to your smart home or by using our ZIRTSII bridge. Please visit this page for Z-wave compatible window treatments:https://www.blindsgalore.com/bali?popular-features=remote-control-motorized

Smart technology is constantly advancing, making smart blinds and shades more affordable than ever. Our NEO Smart Hub retails for $245 and it’s the easiest way to connect your blinds and shades to an Amazon Alexa, Echo, or a Google Home device. Even better, it’s likely your home will only need one.

You’ll also need motorized window treatments to make automation possible. Including a motorization option for each shade can run, on average, between $100 to $200 per treatment. You can also include a remote as an alternative for your smart home controls for about $70 per room. There are a lot of customizable factors to consider, but in our opinion, and judging by the dozens of five-star reviews from our customers, the luxury of having smart blinds is absolutely worth the investment.

Blindsgalore smart window coverings are the best, of course! Here are our top three favorite smart home compatible products.

We highly recommend our Blindsgalore® Envision Motorized Roller Shades with a NEO Hub. This reliable roller shade has a variety of light-filtering and blackout options with a modern, minimalist flair that’s easy to clean.

Our Blindsgalore® Classic Cellular Shade Light Filtering with a NEO Hub. Cellular shades add insulation to your windows that will save you on your energy bill while the light filtering fabric adds a soft glow to your windows.

Finally, our Blindsgalore® Motorized Sheer Shadings with a NEO Hub. This unique sheer treatment combines the functionality of a blind and a shade, softly diffusing incoming light with a layer of airy fabric or closing it out completely.

If you already own a compatible motorized window treatment, making your blinds smart is as easy as purchasing a NEO Hub and linking it to your home’s wireless internet connection. Once it’s connected, you will have the ability to control your motorized shades using a smart phone, tablet, PC, Amazon Alexa or Google Home device from anywhere you are thanks to the free NEO Smart Blinds app.

While customizing your shade, look for a motorized lift option during step 4. Most of our Blindsgalore® motorized shades can be powered by either a battery charger or a solar recharger kit. In the same step, you’ll also be able to choose your remote-control type and if you’d like to include a smart home automation option, if one is available.

Please keep in mind that not all of our motorized products are smart home compatible. For a full list of motorized products please visit: https://www.blindsgalore.com/remote-control-motorized

For a list of motorized products that are smart home compatible via a NEO Hub please visit: https://www.blindsgalore.com/remote-control-motorized?popular-features=alexa-compatible

For a list of Z-wave (SmartThings, Wink, Iris, etc.) compatible window treatments please visit: https://www.blindsgalore.com/bali?popular-features=remote-control-motorized

If you have an existing smart home automation that runs on Z-wave (SmartThings, Wink, Iris, Nexia, VeraLite) our motorized Bali products are your best choice. Connecting them to your existing home automation system will allow you to set preferences, timers, and even raise or lower your blinds remotely.

To link your Bali motorized window treatments to your Z-wave controlled smart home, you’ll need a ZIRTSI-II bridge. The bridge connects to a standard AC electrical outlet and will translate your smart home’s commands to match the radio frequency of up to 15 of your Bali motorized blinds or shades.

The options to power your motorized blinds depend on the individual window treatment. A rechargeable battery pack, concealed in the headrail of your shade, is the most common option. Other options include a solar recharge kit, individual AA batteries, or even a 12DC plug-in option. Most automated blinds and shades will have more than one option available during customization.

For home automation connectivity, our NEO Hub must be connected to a standard AC outlet and will need access to your existing Wi-Fi connection to work properly. The Bali® ZIRTSI-II bridge also requires an AC outlet connection and an existing Z-wave system in your home for control. You can learn specific details when selecting your “Lift Option” while customizing your window treatment.

Automated and Motorized Smart Blinds for a Smart Home

how smart blinds connect to your smart home


custom blinds and shades for your smart home

Make total home automation a reality. Adjust your blinds or shades with ease from your phone, tablet, or remote by connecting them your smart home. Use a NEO Hub to link to your compatible motorized shades to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home using your wireless internet. If your smart home uses a Z-Wave system, you can link your Bali® motorized window treatments using a ZRTSI II Bridge.

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Make Your Home Motorized

Don't have a smart home? You can still include a motorized option on many of our blinds and shades to control your window coverings with a push of a button. Motorized blinds are also cordless, making them a safe choice in homes with small children or pets. They're also a convenient solution for skylights and other hard to reach windows.