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Take the Next Step Towards Energy Savings Using Solar Shades

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So you’re set on saving energy and money by converting your house to a ‘Green’ Home. The first thought that often comes to mind in making this transition is solar panels. However, the second thought that also comes to mind is, ‘…anything cheaper’? To answer that question we need to think of the source of the problem, not the symptom. Going green doesn’t always mean providing alternative energy, but reducing the need for energy consumption.

So what consumes the most energy in the home?

Coming in at number one of the most energy consuming devices in the home is the Home Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit (HVAC). In fact, cooling and heating represent roughly 50% of the average household’s energy consumption according to energystar.gov. I’m sure this comes at no surprise considering most homes utilize some sort of climate control around the clock through both the coldest and hottest times of the year.

Now that we know the source of the problem, what’s the solution for reducing the need of the HVAC? The answer- solar shades.

Due to recent demand from the Green Movement, solar shades for windows  have attained popularity for their role in reducing solar heat gain within the home. Thus, reducing the need to cool the home via HVAC use. As you can see in the diagram below, 48% of the heat gain in your home comes from windows.


Solar shades absorb and reflect solar heat before entering the window.   The difference when using solar shades is depicted below.  An impressive 88% of energy is reflected when using solar shades!


This reduction in heat gain means less need for your HVAC since rooms utilizing solar shades remain on average 20 degrees cooler. Not only do these solar shades prove effective during hot and sunny seasons but during cold seasons as well. Ambient heat remains insulated in the home unlike with other window treatments. These two effects combined provide an overall energy savings of 32% for the average home, according to a University of Texas Study. This not only means a thirty-two percent reduction of your home’s carbon foot print but money in your pocket and another step toward sustainable living.



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