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Choosing the Right Window Treatments by Window Type

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Many homes have more than one window type. From skylights to French doors and everything in between, there is a right window treatment for them all. This post will help you choose the best type.

When it comes to selecting window treatments by window type, some are straightforward and some are a little trickier. The information below is a summary of the main points. For additional information please see our website or contact one of our customer service representatives at (877) 702-5463.

Arched Windows – Because there are numerous types of arched windows, choosing the right window treatment can be challenging. If your arched window is a perfect arch (half circle), the process is quite straightforward and involves measuring the height and width. However, if you are not sure, we recommend calling our customer service center at (877) 702-5463. They can walk you through the process and answer any questions. To select these window treatments, click ‘Arched Windows’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

French Doors – When choosing door window treatments, typically there are two things to consider. First, it needs to be functional. Since most French doors have decorative handles that could interfere with the operation of a blind or shade. It’s best to choose a window treatment that is not very deep so that can hang close against the door.

Secondly, your privacy and light control needs will play an important part in selecting a French door blind or shade. If you plan on regularly raising and lowering your shade, you’ll want something that won’t get tangled up on the door handle. If you plan on leaving the shade pulled down, you should order the hold down brackets option when customizing your blind – these are installed on the door to keep the bottom of the shade in place. To select these window treatments, click ‘French Doors’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

Hard to Reach Windows – Windows that are up high, such as split-level windows, windows in cathedral ceilings or windows that are obstructed by furniture or other obstacles need special consideration when choosing a window treatment. Though each setting is different, there are a few main considerations to be addressed: privacy, light control, UV rays, heat gain, and of course your style and décor preferences. To help you select the right window treatment, we’ve compiled a selection of recommended blinds and shades for hard to reach windows. To select these window treatments, click ‘Hard-To-Reach Windows’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

Large Windows- Large picture windows add drama and lots of great natural light. Some large windows are taller than they are wide, some are wider than they are tall. To get the most from your large windows, it’s important that you know which is the right window treatments for each. To help with your selection, we compiled a selection of recommended window treatments for large windows that also includes some ideas and tips for choosing a window blind or shade that will make the most of your large picture window, while providing the operation, light control and privacy you need. To select these window treatments, click ‘Large windows’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

Skylights – Skylight windows are great way to bring more natural light into a room but can also be a source of unwanted heat loss, heat gain and UV exposure. Skylight window shades will protect against UV damage and help insulate your home and reduce energy bills. And, choices in opacity (how much light is transmitted through the shade), provide greater light control options. For more information and product selection, see our skylight shades category. To select these window treatments, click ‘Skylights’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

Sidelights -Sidelights are the narrow windows often found on either side of a door. When it comes to selecting window treatments for sidelights, the biggest challenge is finding an operating window treatment that can be made small enough to fit. The operating mechanism often limits the width at which many window treatments can be manufactured, thus limiting your choices somewhat. To help you select the right window treatment, we’ve compiled a selection of recommended sidelight blinds and shades that can be made narrow enough to fit most applications. To select these window treatments, click ‘Sidelights’ under the ‘Room’ heading on Blindsgalore.com.

Patio/Sliding Glass Doors – When it come sliding glass doors, a window treatment needs to provide all the normal duties – privacy, light control and, of course, aesthetics. But they also have to be able to open up fully for easy ingress and egress. The traditional choice are vertical blinds and curtains. Both work well on these large glass surfaces and both can be opened fully to one side, or sometimes both sides. Within these categories there are lots of great choices. Lesser known choices include panel track blinds, which operate on wheeled track system and have oversized vertical vanes, and vertical cellular shades. Vertical cellular shades are vertically-oriented cellular shades and usually feature two moveable side rails with locking handles for ease of operation; this allows the shade stack to be positioned on the right, left or in the center.



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