Cordless Madness

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The Madness of March Basketball is in the air, but I have to tell you about “Cordless Madness” at Blindsgalore. An amazing promotion is going on right now on one of my favorite brands, Levolor, and through April 3rd, we are offering you a chance to get a totally FREE CORDLESS UPGRADE on most of our popular and beautiful Levolor Blinds. You have lots of choices from Rollers to Wood or Faux Wood Blinds or Roman Shades. My absolute favorite are the Accordia Cellular Shades as the color palette is awesome: bright, contemporary, and just downright happy.

Levolor Accordia Cellular Shades

Check out the cool colors from Petal, Dijon, Chili Spice to Sangria. If that doesn’t make you want to grab a seat on your patio; hey, it is almost Spring. Make your own pitcher of Fizzy Fruit Punch and watch your favorite Team play in the March Madness Frenzy.

Levolor® Accordia™ Double Cell Cellular Shades: Designer Colors Light Filtering

Cordless Blinds are really a fantastic addition to any window treatment as the cordless option does away with pesky, dangling cords which can create a safety issue for children and pets. I always consider safety first, but you can’t beat the clean and streamlined look that a cordless shade offers. You simply push up the blind to raise it or gently pull down the shade to lower it. Quick, easy, safe, efficient and designer colors and styles to boot.  What’s stopping you? Now is the time to get the latest and greatest.

Levolor® Accordia™ Single Cell Cellular Shades: Designer Textures Light Filtering

We call Cordless Blinds the “Smoothest Operator” in the house.

Now, just for you, it’s a FREEBIE for your windows!