The Day/Night Shade

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You’ve been thinking about blackout shades because you’re desperate for some shuteye, but at the same time, you need the morning light streaming in to help wake you up, and you for sure don’t want your neighbors gawking as you shuffle around in your bathrobe. What to do! A solution to all of these concerns is the new Blindsgalore Day/Night Shade.

This innovative shade is “double the fun,” two shades in one. The top portion of the cellular shade is made of light filtering material and the bottom half is blackout. During the day, the light filtering portion can be extended to maintain privacy while still allowing light in.

Once the sun goes down, or if you’re in the need for a little siesta, lift the center rail to take advantage of the room darkening fabric for restful darkness.

Sounds great, I know, but there’s more. Not only is this shade ridiculously affordable compared to other brands on the market, but a big bonus is the CORDLESS option for added safety, and ease and a sharp clean look for day or night.

You’re not always in the same state of mind –your shades needn’t be either.