A Haiku Snack

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We never like to get in a rut at Blindsgalore and in honor of Poetry Month, we journeyed to the land of Haiku and in three snappy Haiku lines, we distilled a “blind” moment for you. Roll up your imagination, unwind the maze, shred the web, unclick the clatter and just snack on our Haiku “bytes”.

Love earth friendly blinds
Woven woods, bamboo and grass
Make a greener choice

Red Poppies Delight
Brilliant Blue Midday Skies
Rest Blackout Express

Can see this blind
on a window on a door.
Locks announce my guests.

Windows Open Light
You enjoyed The Shine Of Life
Eternity Lives
-Jason R.

Missing a disco?
Install Mirrored Verticals
Get out your platforms

Sunny afternoon breeze
Window curtain billowing
Warmth and glow abound
-Jason Z.

Love your hillside view
U.V. rays heating the house
Time for Solar Shades
-Jim C.

Light and Warmth shine through
Eyelids open to the soul
Blinds open to the Home

Sheer shade up and down
Control the light, day and night
Peacefully I sleep

Neighbors looking in
The sun shining in your face
Blindsgalore stops this

Sharp brazen sunlight
Why do you turn so fiercely
covered now at bay

Daughter sleeping sound
Blackout shades mean restful naps
Cordless keeps her safe
-Jim M.

One and only self
a window, to each its own
us and them, the same