Fifty Shades of Evil

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With all the scary movies re-imagined or re-released for the season, a good horror flick reminds me of all the creepy things lurking outside my windows.

In a panic, I run around and close my windows and pull down the shades and furiously draw the curtains tightly. I thoughtlessly think that if I can’t see them, they can’t see me. Ha!

When I am imagining the most evil and demented creatures hiding in the bushes or tip-tapping on my windows, I wonder why I haven’t finished my windows with good, dark and thick window coverings.

I know not to open the front door to anyone, but yikes, what invisible and supernatural spirits are coming for me through the windows to conjure evil?

Yeah, I know it is all in my lurid imagination but it is these scary and dark moments that make me wonder why I have so many open views in my house.

Do you?