Black Decor Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

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With Halloween right around the corner, you may be thinking that black is a fitting color around the house for witch and goblin decor, but would you consider using this color as a design element during other times of the year? Your first reaction may be, no, black is dark and dreary and its presence in your home is not welcome. Well, I’d like to say that it’s just the opposite. Used correctly, black can be playful, sophisticated, dramatic, or even casual chic.


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Casual Chic

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If putting black on your walls is a little farther than you’d like to go with this trend, how about using it to dress your windows?  Not quite the commitment of a black room, but statement making just the same.

Here are just a few of our black blinds and shades options:

A sampling of BG's black blinds and shades

1.  Levolor® Roman Shade: Designer Textures (Room Darkening)

2.  Bali® Natural Shade: Caracas

3.  Blindsgalore® Natural Woven Shades: Tropics

4.  Blindsgalore® Solar Screen: 15% Openness

5.  Levolor® Roman Shade: Scrolls (Light Filtering)

6.  Levolor® Panel Track Blind: Solar Screen Seed Stitch & Tides

7.  Blindsgalore® Premium Wood Blind: 2″ Paints & Stains

Don’t be afraid of bringing black into your home; embrace its intensity and versatility!