Breezy, Brilliant Blue

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Designers use the color blue to bring a feeling of calm peacefulness to a room. The watery hue puts guests at ease in a relaxing atmosphere. Blue is used in nurseries to help lull babies to sleep, in nautical themes to invoke the feeling of the ocean, and in country homes for an informal atmosphere.

Washing an entire room in blue can give the space an eclectic look, setting the mood for a trendy date night full of intimate conversations.

Pairing grayish tints of blue with crisp white gives rooms a tidy feel. This backdrop welcomes bold accents such as bright red, gold or orange.

Window treatments are an easy way to bring a splash of color into a room, even if you want to leave the rest of the space relatively neutral. Pale blue drapes pair well with beige hues to create a relaxed environment in a well-lit room. Bright, bold blue cellular shades make a statement against a large window, accenting simple modern furniture and geometric shapes.

For a more traditional treatment, blue roman shades are set against a yellow wall for a country room that matches well with light woods and white accents.