4 Easy Ways to Cool Your House & Save Money in Florida

It comes as no surprise that we have a lot of blinds business in sunny Florida. And, we also get a lot of questions from our customers about how to keep rooms cooler. In Florida, it can be challenging to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without having huge energy bills. Here are 5 easy things you can do keep your home cooler and save money.

  1. Fans. Moving air will help you stay more comfortable. Ceiling fans will help circulate the air more efficiently, but if you don’t have ceiling fans, box fans, floor fans and table fans can also be very helpful and use your air conditioner less often or at a higher setting to save money.
  2. Think about how you use your appliances and light bulbs. In warm climates like Florida, it pays to run your clothes dryer, dishwasher and other appliances at off-peak times to help reduce your energy consumption and the heat they emit. Run only full loads. Change out heat-producing halogen light bulbs and regular incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient CFLs which emit less heat and use less energy. Even little things like this can make a difference in the ambient temperature of your room.
  3. Replace your window blinds. Today’s energy efficient blinds are made with better materials that can keep your Florida home cooler. If you have a great view, check out solar shades and screens that are designed to block harmful UV rays and heat while still maintaining the view to the outdoors. Solar shades are made with varying degrees of fabric openness depending upon your needs. Cellular shades are another great option. They are made with a unique honeycomb cell structure that forms an insulating pocket or air to keep the heat from penetrating your room. Plus, if you choose a top-down/bottom-up option, you can still let some light in when you want to.
  4. Exterior Shade Plantings. To keep your Florida home cooler, try adding some landscaping plantings that offer shade. There are many trees that are appropriate for Florida’s climate, and some, such as sycamore and  green ash trees, are fast growers so you can enjoy the shade sooner.


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