The Different Types of Window Treatments: Outdoor Shades for your Outdoor Room

Now that summer is underway, it’s time again to spruce up our outdoor living spaces. The concept of an outdoor room has been in vogue for a while now and there are so many products to help create an outdoor space that is as livable as your indoor space. The patterned outdoor rugs, weatherproof pillows, and decorative lanterns are all festive additions, but none of those matter if you don’t have a sun protection game plan. As fabulous as your outdoor room may be, no one’s going to be able to enjoy it if they’re being blasted by that hot summer sun and just waiting to go back into the air conditioned house. Even an award winning barbeque recipe will go unappreciated if your guests are melting. Thank goodness outdoor shades are a viable solution and an attainable option within the different types of window treatments.

Fortunately, shades aren’t just for the indoors anymore. Exterior shades are built with the elements in mind. The fabric used to make outdoor shades is essentially a screen, which allows the welcomed afternoon breeze to pass through. Always wear your sunscreen but be comforted in the fact that outdoor shades help to block damaging UV rays from filtering through. Another plus is that when not needed, the shades virtually disappear into the valance or under your portico.


Don’t think a large yard is required for an enticing outdoor room, a patio or deck are just as inviting for setting up to enjoy the long days and warm nights.


Extend your living area by taking advantage of the many different types of window treatments and make your outdoor space livable and comfortable with outdoor shades. Eat breakfast outside, invite the neighbors over for happy hour, encourage the kids to run through the sprinklers.  Enjoy the luminous summer days as they fade so quickly.

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