The Different Types of Window Treatments: Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades are the chameleon of the many different types of window treatments, imparting a rustic feel or matching a contemporary setting, blending into any style in which they are placed. By adding a distinct layer of texture, they subtly complement instead of competing with the rest of your room.  With the warmth of nature’s organic textures, amplified by a wide range of colors, Woven Wood Shades casually exude a relaxed style. From bright coastal whites to dark exotic stains, the natural tones add depth to any color palette.

Bamboo slats, grasses, reeds, and jute are skillfully woven, braided, or tied to together to create the base material for these versatile shades. Naturally organic and a wholesome addition to your home décor, they’re also environmentally sound. The material used to create these shades is Mother Nature approved, fast growing and sustainable. Bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing plants, is considered sustainable because of its rapid growth cycle (only about four years), its hearty ability to thrive without pesticides, and because it produces a high level of oxygen. Not only stylish, but eco-friendly too, what’s not to love!

Many decorative and functional options are available to enhance the natural beauty of Woven Wood Shades.

Edge Binding

To further integrate a Woven Wood Shade into your room, take advantage of edge binding as a decorative option. Strips of fabric wrap around the exposed edges, providing a more finished, tailored look. It’s best to order samples of both the Woven Wood Shade material and the edge binding to get a real sense of how they coordinate with each other as well as the rest of the space. Adding this refining option is another step in creating a custom shade created for an individual space and unique needs.


Without any lining, Woven Wood Shades still offer some privacy as well as the ability to see through the shade to the outside. The level of view through will naturally vary with different material, but once the sunlight is coming through, the look of the overall look of the shade may shift from day to night. For increased light control, a light filtering liner will raise the level of privacy provided and allow less light to pass through. Alternately, a room darkening liner will block the majority of light coming in and provide the highest level of privacy.

Top Down / Bottom Up

Shades ordered with the top down bottom up feature may be opened by lowering the top or raising the bottom, or both. This popular lift option is ideal for maintaining privacy while simultaneously letting natural light in.

Woven Wood Shades are a striking addition to any room and as one of the purest different types of window treatments, they deliver a nuance of nature to the inside of our homes. Homespun, but dramatically tactile, Woven Wood Shades offer the nubby and slubbed look that is on trend today as we try to harmonize with our environment. To discover more about other window covering options, view “The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments.”

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