Why Use Sheer Shadings?

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When you think of window coverings, you probably think of long curtains that fall almost to the floor or blinds that pull up like roman blinds or roller shades. You want something that keeps out the light and heat in the summer, but can also help to keep out the cold in the winter. So why do some people use sheer shadings on their windows? Thin and almost see-through shades seem counter-intuitive in some ways – so what’s the big deal?

See Out But Not In
One great thing about sheer shadings is that they allow you to look out your windows and to let in a fair amount of light, but from the outside nobody can actually see in, unless they get really close. You maintain a certain level of privacy while letting in natural light.

Lowers Heat Transfer, But Lets In Light
And even though you don’t want to use your windows as heaters in the summer time, you probably do want some of that nice light to filter in during the day. Sheer shadings are not great if you want to truly darken a room, but they are perfect for sides of your home where the sun isn’t totally direct but you’d like extra light from the outside world to come in. Again, you can maintain privacy, but let in the light you want.

Sheer shades also come in a variety of sheerness options. If you want to let in just a bit of light, or you just want the glow of light from your windows, you can buy almost entirely opaque shades that are thin and sheer, allowing the light in.

Options with Sheer
With sheer shades you not only have options in the opaqueness of the shades, but you also have options in size, shape, and style of window coverings. From tall sheer shades that mimic the look of drapery to vertical blinds to horizontal window blinds, you can have sheer options in all styles.

You also have the option of combining sheer shades with a darker inner layer that adds to privacy and keeps the light out at night. A translucent layer keeps the sun and heat out during the day, but the darker layer keeps things dark when you want to sleep.

Sheer shadings work well for direct and indirect sun when the days are not scorching hot and you want to enjoy natural light in your home.

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