Midsummer Magic and Madness

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Magic is in the air as the longest day of the year suffuses us with light, wonder and the promise of elusive happenings. The Summer Solstice (June 20-23) is a dream-like time that has inspired celebrations for centuries.

Awed by the power of the sun, generations have watched the sun as it rose higher and higher in the June sky, until it seemed to stand still, culminating in Midsummer Night. Hence, the name solstice, a combination of two Latin words: sun + still.

Early festivals centered around fire and dancing which honored the sun’s vitality as it replenished the Earth and our hopes for renewal.

Shakespeare, in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” added a supernatural riff with a fantastical play about love, foolishness and trickery. On this Midsummer Night’s Eve, fickle, playful spirits create havoc to jolt us out of our boring days to cavort with ardor through a long night!

So, take a chance tonight,
Open your windows wide,
Succumb to magic,
Stir your imagination,
Conjure spirits,
Set the table with fairy dust,
Make mischief,
Fall in love,
Enfold yourself with an illuminating view,
Cherish this perfect window of light!