Super Bowl Snacks

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With the big game right around the corner there are so many story lines. Ray Lewis’ last game, two brothers coaching against each other, but most importantly, I am already dreaming of what munchies I am bringing to the party. Don’t worry, my delicious ideas will surely chase away forever the boring “veggie platter” blues.

Let’s start with some easy snacks. Why not bake up some hot and fresh homemade pretzels. Pair them with my rendered bacon fat and garlic mustard and you will never disappoint the home crowd. Bacon is the food trend of the year and makes everything taste better.



Everyone in my house loves buffalo wings. This new “taquito twist” will for sure score a touchdown for your home team. I decided to go with a buffalo chicken taquito recipe this year. I’ll be darned if I’m going to clean wing sauce off the remote again!



Everyone has a special recipe for Bratwurst. I like to boil them in beer, wrap them in bacon and throw them on the grill for a few minutes. Spicy mustard is the perfect dipping sauce for these yummy bites.



Since the super bowl is in the “Big Easy” this year why not bring some Creole flavor into your kitchen. Gumbo is a classic southern dish and actually healthier than you would think.



Of course, my favorite thing is desert. If the game doesn’t go into overtime, you can go overboard with these homemade chocolate covered strawberries or “football fruit” as I call them.


No matter how the game turns out, these treats will be the champions.

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