An A-Z Guide of Window Treatments

At Blindsgalore we take seriously our dedication in simplifying all things related to Window Treatments. Sometimes the terms can be confusing or just part of the arcane or unusual terms that are part of our specialty “Window World.” Just for fun and for easy explanations, I have created a quick A-Z guide of the many terms we use here every day.

A = Affordable

All of our Window Treatments are top of the line in function and fashion, but are easy on your budget.

B = Barely There

If you are looking for a minimal Window Treatment with maximum style, our Sheer Shades are a delicate but a stunning performer for design and for privacy.

C = Cellular

Cell Shades are our number one favorite Window Treatment for simplicity and a hard worker in keeping cold air out in winter and shading the harsh sunlight in summer.

D = Daylight Darling

Top Down Bottom Up Shades do double duty for privacy and light control by allowing sunlight in but maintaining privacy from busy traffic and noisy neighbors.

E = Easy To Install

We make it easy for you to install your Window Treatments with videos and helpful instructions or our Customer Care Team of Window Experts will guide you through any difficulties.

F = Friendly To Earth

Our Woven Wood Blinds are stylish and beautiful and are handcrafted from sustainable forests of bamboo, jute, rattan and natural grasses that are woven into a blind that is rich in texture with a natural, organic vibe.

G = Greenguard

Many of our Blinds and Shades come with this stringent authentication that any chemical emissions meet the industry high standards.

H = Home

Our number one priority is creating a safe, beautiful and comfortable place for you and your family to thrive.

I = Insulation

Don’t forget that many Window Treatments do double duty as completing the design of your home, but offering insulation during the winter months and provide a barrier during the heat of hot summer days.

J = Just in Time

In a hurry? Don’t worry as we will custom craft your Blind or Shade and deliver it quickly, “just in time “ for your dinner party, new bedroom or house guests or new baby!

A collection of filled glasses clinking together in celebration. Source: Rheumnow
Source: Rheumnow

K = Kitchen

Don’t forget that we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and we want our windows to be bright, happy and colorful.

Source: Unsplash
Source: UnSplash 1, 2

L = Linen

Linen is a fave fabric to imbue texture that pairs beautifully on window panels.

M = Motorization

The modern way to operate any of your Window Treatments to obey voice or App commands to raise and lower your blinds or shades.

N = Neat

We believe in sleek, modern, custom Window Treatments that can match any style in a color design and texture that matches your lifestyle, budget, or room eccentricities.

O = Openness

Openness refers to the ” see thru” ability of our famous Solar Screen Blinds that allow you to choose how much light and view you desire. A smaller openness, 3-5% means that less light is allowed so your room will be darker or you can choose 5% -20% that results in a brighter room.

P = Pleats

If you like pleats, you can have them on your Shades, too. Pleats offer a decorative addition that are now modern and not like those 50’s full pleated and puffy skirts.

Q = Quality

Our Window Treatments are all handcrafted to your size, color and style and made just for you and your window needs and personal demands. Your blinds or shades are one of a kind and unique to you.

R = Roman Shades

One of my favorite blinds is a Roman Shade, as it is a tailored and classy Window Treatment that adds an easy sophistication to any room.

S = Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades can easily obscure any unpleasant view, but allow light in and offer a billowy and airy elegance presence to any room.

T = Trendy

At Blindsgalore, we are always designing Window Treatments that are on trend in the newest fabrics and colors and we promise you no fussy or outdated looks. We are fashion forward.

U = Ugly, NO, Never

You can be assured that you will find affordable luxury in all of our Window Treatments.

V = Valances

At the top of many windows, a valance is a section of a drape or a curtain that is mounted above the window. Valances now feature clean lines and minimal fabric and can be simple, modern and understated.

A beautiful matching valance in a designer kitchen. Source: Laurel Bern Interiors
Source: Laurel Bern Interiors

W = Woven Woods

Woven Wood Blinds are one of our favorite blinds for their texture and natural look that is simple but decorative with the organic warmth of our natural world.

X = Xtra Large

We can make any blind or shade as big as you like. We have made many oversized blinds for store windows, tattoo parlors, beauty shops and large picture windows. You can even design a special logo for big windows.

Y = Your Way

Since every Blind is made to your exact specifications, you can have it your way, always!

Z = Zzzzzzz’s

You can be assured that with our Blackout Blinds, you can sleep soundly and deeply even if you are on the night shift and have to sleep during the day.

A few pairs of bare feet sticking out of the bedsheets at night. Source: Unsplash
Source: UnSplash

Window Treatments really are an important design element in your home and I hope you will remember these ABC’s as an easy and valuable guide to create a perfect fit for all of your unique windows.