Cooling Your Florida Home With Skylight Shades

skylight shades are perfect for screening out Florida sun

One of the most asked about products at Blindsgalore is skylight shades, and we sell a lot of them to our Florida customers. If your Florida home has skylights, you know that skylights are somewhat of a good news/bad news feature. The good news is that skylights allow more natural light into your home to create that sun-kissed, tropical atmosphere in your room. The bad news is that, along with the wonderful sunshine, skylights bring heat and UV sun damage into your home.

Fortunately, skylight shades offer a solution to the problem of increased energy consumption and damaged furnishings. The simple addition of a skylight shade will allow you to close the shade during the hottest parts of the day or during the time of year when you don’t want additional heat in your house.

The double honeycomb cellular construction helps insulate your home against the sun’s heat and helps you lower your energy costs, which is an important consideration in Florida. The shades glide along a track and can be installed on any skylight window. Different light filtering fabrics are available, from semi-opaque to blackout, depending on the level of opacity you prefer. Want color? No problem, skylight shades are available in a rainbow of colors to complement your design style. The obvious question is, how do I reach the skylight to open or close it? Special extension poles in 6 foot and 9.5 foot lengths are available so you can operate your shade easily.

Installation is a snap, and most people can easily install them, but professional installers are available throughout Florida. Once you get your skylight shades up, and you experience the cost savings associated with lower air conditioning bills, you’ll wish you’d had them sooner!