Four Modern Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Your kitchen can be the star of your home with these four kitchen window treatment ideas. If you are like my family, it is everyone’s favorite place to be, so make your kitchen windows pop with flavor.  Do you love to cook, or rely on pick-up meals, or hang out raiding the fridge, or relax at your center island, with a foaming cup of cappuccino? In my kitchen, we are currently obsessed with the blender and into “green and healthy” drinks that kind of taste like grass since “kale” is the word of the month around my house. Ugh, I know it is a superfood but will it make superkids? Anyway, the kitchen is always a beehive of activity and the best place to initiate a family summit.

Roman Shades

1. Roman shades, are an excellent choice for a traditional and homey feel. Roman shades make it easy to bring color and life into your kitchen. So many colors and patterns are available that I know you will find one that fits into the ambience of your kitchen. Roman shades are stylish, soft and can easily be lifted up down for privacy and light control. Romans can easily be dressed up with a matching valance for an extra “uumph” of design.

Faux Wood Blinds

2. Faux wood blinds just seem to made for your kitchen window treatment ideas. They are so easy to keep clean, just a swipe with a warm soapy cloth is all you need to get rid of cooking spills or any kitchen disasters. The day I was making French Onion Soup, I dropped my serving bowl into the pot of hot, bubbling soup, and I had brown, cheesy sludge all over my faux wood blinds and even the ceiling. The blinds were a dream to clean; the ceiling was another matter. Faux wood blinds also give you a warm and elegant feeling without the fuss of washing or spot cleaning fabric or the worry of warping like real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are just a perfect match in the kitchen if you are always in a hurry to get food on the table, like most of us.

Woven Wood Shades

3. Woven wood shades are made from natural materials such as bamboo, grasses and reeds and impart texture and an organic look in your kitchen. Plus, they are an environmentally friendly choice and complement any kitchen style from casual to formal or beachy to woodsy. Woven wood blinds are a wonderful addition in any kitchen.

Solar Shades

4. If you are looking for an uber modern approach to your kitchen window treatments, solar shades are the choice for you. If you have an amazing view and a beautiful kitchen, or both (lucky you!) solar shades will preserve your view but maintain privacy. Soft light filters through the shades as your outside panorama is never obscured. Solar shades offer such clear and clean lines that your pristine granite countertops, polished wood floors, and your highly prized Wolff oven take center stage while your solar shades are the backdrop to a very cool kitchen.

Never overlook the chance to consider these sleek kitchen window treatment ideas. The kitchen really is “the hottest” room in the house.

While these options are all perfect for kitchens, check out our post on the ultimate guide to window treatments to learn more about the different types of blinds, their benefits and uses.