Ten Rustic Home Décor Touches

Rustic décor combines earthy and glamorous elements to create a chic, one of a kind look. Distressed wood, nature, and neutrals combine to create the ultimate warm environment. Rustic touches may seem hard to achieve, when really, only a few small tweaks can transform your home into a charming weathered farmhouse. Right on trend, rustic decorating can also be easy on the pocketbook. Channel the natural world and avoid anything overly formal to inoculate this laid-back, Western style. Soon, a sharp crispness in the air will blow through our windows and the call of rustic décor will greet this new season. Here are 10 of my favorite rustic home touches.

1. Warm Neutrals

Rustic décor boasts neutral tones. Combine multiple soft, earthy colors for a welcoming environment.


2. Elegant Elements

To avoid overdoing the earthy look, this style requires at least one piece of glamour. A chandelier is sure to make just the right statement.


3. Pallets

Originally used as flat transport structures, the DIY community has turned wooden pallets in to a rustic decorating commodity. Headboards, benches, or tables, the transformation possibilities with pallets are endless.


4. Rope

Rustic décor uses ordinary materials such as rope to add a decorative flair. Tie back your curtains or place rope in a glass container to subtly compliment your rustic abode.


5. Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is a staple in rustic decor and can be incorporated through many outlets. Include at least one of these wood features in your room to achieve the look.


6. Stone

Another natural decorating element which blends in effortlessly with rustic décor are stone and wood textures. If stone walls are not in your budget, create a centerpiece with rocks and tall candles.


7. Fresh Flowers

I don’t think there is a single style that doesn’t benefit from fresh flowers. Especially when you are combining vintage and natural elements – a vase of flowers adds a fresh, crisp touch.


8. Found Objects

Incorporate natural elements by collecting acorns, twigs, bark – anything that catches your eye! Perfect for candles or as a coffee table focal point, these small rustic details will make your room shine.


9. Mason Jars

Inexpensive, vintage, and easy to fancy up, Mason Jars are another rustic staple. Ageless and functional, paint a few up and use as vases or create your own candle holder.


10. Mis-Matching Patterns and Textures

Anything matchy-matchy is a big no-no in rustic decorating. You want your place to be relaxing, not uptight. Play around with different colors, textures, and patterns.



Rustic touches are effortlessly chic and timeless. Incorporate any (or all) of these details into a space for a homey look that’s uniquely yours. Create a warm and cozy cocoon as these nostalgic days softly fade.