Blindsgalore Celebrates 25 Years As The First Place to Buy Blinds Online

October is Blindsgalore’s Birthday Month, as we proudly celebrate 25 years of selling Custom Window Treatments, online only, to bring you a curated, beautiful and extensive collection of window treatments. We offer you the ease of shopping at home on your computer, iPad or iPhone where you can create blinds and shades to match your style, your budget and any particular or unique needs. Our blind experts have been creating “custom” window treatments over these past 25 years and we are the “black belt” crew to guide you all the way to the perfect window treatment. If you need design advice or “just a little reassurance,” we know everything about blinds and shades as we have been on the forefront of online shopping since 2003. We know that every window in your home may have a few “quirks” and we are just a phone call or a click away if you need any help.

Another bonus is that we are owned and operated by myself and my daughter and we are personally invested in you as part of our family and windows are often an overlooked, but an important part of your home. We are here, in San Diego, California and our dedicated Team of design experts is here to help you find exactly what you need or didn’t know you need. Windows can be tricky but we will guide you all the way.

As a quick back to the future, “BG,” Before Google,” Blindsgalore was the first and only “ONLINE” shopping place to find and order custom window treatments. Windows come in every shape and size and are placed high or low, on skylights, on front doors, back doors, patio doors, on stairways, in bedrooms, living rooms, media rooms, nurseries, bathrooms, dining rooms, home offices, let alone need to be styled for special purposes-let sunlight in or out, keep view open, create a dark room for sleeping whether you are a weary parent of a newborn or work the midnight shift at work. Window treatments can keep wintry winds abated, can block sun rays from fading furniture in the summer and mitigate the sun for a cooler room. With our new “hotter” summer days and colder winter temperatures, the right window treatment is mandatory to maintain a comfortable home.

Whether you want the minimal look of a simple, smart Cell Shade or the extravagant look of a patterned Roller Shade, paired with an extra layer of soft Drapery to create dimension and style, you can find it here at Blindsgalore. We have created special custom looks for schools, churches, small homes, big homes, cabins, patios, RV’s, tattoo parlors, kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, high windows, low windows, closet doors-just about any opening that needs re-styling or special attention-either decorative or functional. An alluring assortment of colors, patterns, textures and materials are available to design in your style. If you thought Window Treatments are those white “clacking” metal strips flapping on a window, you are in for a surprise.

Here is a quick blast to the beginning of Blindsgalore.

In October of 1998, Blindsgalore was launched as the 1st “online” shopping marketplace to sell only custom-made window treatments. To highlight the background of the 90’s, wedges, platforms, scrunchies, crop tops, the Simpsons, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the Titanic with Leonardo di Caprio, the Spice Girls and Britney Spears were popular. Nike just started their infamous slogan, “Just Do It” in 1998, while Blindsgalore was already “doing it,” their way. I, myself, had to call an 800 phone number from the back of a running magazine to order Nike running shoes from the garage of the soon to be owner of the mega-store now, Road Runners Sports.

Even though, Amazon was founded in May of 1995, its inventory was books. I am an avid book reader, and I thought that a website that sold books was crazy. As for me, I loved going to the bookstores and looking at all the title covers and photos and reading the inside flap and the short reviews on the back, to help me decide if that book was one I wanted to buy. You know how that story ends. I buy all my books from Amazon, the giant and every growing monster it is now for anything and everything, everywhere at your door, the next day, even at 5am in the morning. I still miss the bookstores. The iPhone was invented in June of 2007, so there wasn’t the ease and immediacy of finding whatever you wanted to buy or do or learn, yet. Meanwhile, Blindsgalore was pioneering, online, how to market and sell successfully custom made window treatments with our unique, modern and easy website.

It wasn’t until 2007, that Google had figured out Search and dominated the number one spot as it does today, with a mighty and almost impenetrable clout. Although the two mega companies, Amazon and Google have an almost complete lock on where, what and how to buy almost everything, my Team at Blindsgalore is motivated to be agile, smart and technically savvy to stay ahead of shopping online. Since we make every window treatment to your exact measurement specifications and designed with all the details you choose, your window treatment at Blindsgalore will be specifically made for you and your home. In addition, it is truly a handcrafted item, one of kind that you brought to life. That is what excited me about Blindsgalore in 1998 and inspires me today to bring your vision to life, easily, economically and beautifully.

We are still family owned and my daughter will be taking us wherever the web takes us. May the Force be with us for another 25 years and beyond.

Sources: Unsplash