Delaware Homeowners Find Pure Bliss with Chic Motorized Blinds and Shades

motorized blinds used in Delaware homes

When you think of window blinds, you may not think remote control operation, at least not in your home. Our commercial customers use motorized shades because they have large windows that are hard to access. Now, for the ultimate in operational safety and convenience, many Delaware homeowners are choosing motorized blinds and shades. The motorized option eliminates dangling cords and their potential dangers for children and pets while adding the convenience of remote control operation. This is especially convenient for windows that are high or hard to access, which is the case in many upscale Delaware homes. Some people also prefer remote control blinds for their media rooms, where technology and one-touch convenience are important features.

But motorized blinds also have a very practical side. Physically-challenged and elderly homeowners can also benefit from the added remote control operation which allows them to easily close or open their blinds and shades from anywhere in the room. You may want to consider adding these to your guest room or as a very thoughtful gift in the home of an aging parent or grandparent.

Years ago, motorized operation was available on only a few types of shades. Today, every manufacturer offers this option.  Whether you choose a roller shade, roman shade, cellular shade, sheer shade, wood, faux wood or woven wood or mini blinds, you can likely find it in motorized version.

Motorized blinds work by raising and lowering the shade with an internal motor inside the blind’s headrail and controlled with a remote control using radio frequency. Depending upon how many windows you have, you can choose a single-channel remote that controls all shades at once, or a 5-channel remote that can operate up to five separate shades independently. In most Delaware homes, battery wands usually supply the power, but a hard-wired option is also available.