Drapery is a Fabulous Fabric Window Treatment Idea

I dream of a home with larger than life windows lining the walls, letting vast rays of natural light stream through and energizing my surroundings. Of course, my dream windows would not be complete without beautiful drapery adorning them with an abundance of fabric flowing softly from the ceiling to the floor. Drapery is so versatile because it always makes your home look warm and put together, adds softness, and conceal a room’s flaws while accentuating its charms. As a bonus, drapery is practical in that it gives light and privacy control and helps to buffer noise. Use these tips to discover why drapery is a fabulous fabric window treatment idea.

Keep It Simple

For an easy room update, use drapery panels to add softness and introduce a new color or pattern into the room.  Hearing the word “drapery” might set off a warning from your wallet, but be at ease knowing that drapery is no longer solely an expensive option.  Readymade options, also known as stock drapery, make it so easy. Just measure, hang, and done!  Plus, drapery panels are available in a range of styles from casual to elegant.  Choose a light filtering fabric such as linen or sheers if you’d like more natural light to flow through.  For more light control and insulation, try a heavy fabric like velvet or tapestry.


Be Show Stopping

Tall windows deserve a stunning window treatment that can be achieved with drapery. Be bold and make your drapes the focal point of the room.  Try voluminous balloon drapes, long and sleek curtains, or a powerful color that is complementary to the rest of the room.


Lots of drapery does not need to feel heavy and drab. These sheer curtains still make the room feel light and airy.


Top It Off

Whether it is a casual valance or a tailored cornice, topping off your windows adds interest and draws the eye upwards. I recently took down my valances for a cleaning and I could not believe how short my windows looked without them! Drapery alone is an amazing fabric window treatment idea, but adding a beautiful valance or cornice to your drapes will make your windows seem taller and give the room a new look.


Do Accessorize

Accessories are not just for your outfits. Drapery has its own world of accessories from elegant tie backs to unique finials and curtain rods. Choose from countless options to give your drapery a one-of-a-kind look.


Go For Layers

Layering your drapery is a practical and decorative way to add interest to your windows.  If you are in love with your sheer curtains, but are looking for more privacy, consider layering them on top of woven wood shades, roman shades or wood blinds. You can even add blackout drapery over your sheer drapery to create an opulent look of flowing fabric. The pairing of hard and soft textiles and complimentary colors will give your windows a custom, designer look and make your friends wonder if you hired a professional.


Drapery isn’t just haphazardly hanging two pieces of fabric above a window. Drapery has its own personality and attitude that will spill over into each room. Whether you are modern or traditional, like to keep it simple or go over-the-top, drapery is a fabulous fabric window treatment idea.

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