Made Just For You

In this day and age of pre-made, ready to go, tiresome products, custom-made window treatments shout happiness, beauty, efficiency, style. Our Blindsgalore window coverings are handcrafted just for you, to fit your window perfectly and fit your special needs. Each and every window covering is meticulously created in a workroom of caring workers who put together your unique window covering, using the finest quality materials and components. You can select any color, pattern, tapes, cords, folds, oh my gosh, so many choices, but that is another post.

Now, I want you to know that your blinds and shades from Blindsgalore will not droop or swag down or hang crooked. You can easily pull the cord or go cordless (my favorite) and the brackets and inside pulleys and hardware will create a smooth ride up or down your window. Our Blindsgalore handmade products will not fade, warp, fall apart, make clunky noises, rip or tear and will NEVER EVER look ugly!

In a word, like your favorite cake, you measured all the ingredients carefully, used the best dark chocolate and unsalted creamery butter, fine baker’s sugar, pure vanilla and whipped all to a mousse like perfection, baked in a perfectly pre-heated oven and gently removed to cool. Topped with a luscious chocolate marshmallow frosting, you savor this delectable handmade dessert.


Our blinds are just like that, made from scratch, with love with the best ingredients, just for you, to enjoy every day.

How special is that?