Picking Window Blinds and Shades for Your Home

Some people like curtains, some people enjoy plantation shutters, and some enjoy no window treatment at all. However, you are a window blind person, and you have many rooms in the house as well as the daunting decision to pick window blinds for each and every space. Before you get too overwhelmed, there are easy ways for you to make a detailed plan that will make all of your rooms look great.

Make a list of each room, followed by defining the function of each room and researching what kind of window treatment will be the most fitting for that environment.

Good blinds for the kitchen are faux wood blinds, solar screens or even window blinds made of vinyl. Because the kitchen is a room packed with activities like prepping, cooking, and serving meals, blinds can quickly get dirty, which is why faux wood, or solar screens are good choices. You’ll want to pick window shades that block harsh light from the sun, but also provide the light you need to keep working.

Moving on to the bedroom, you’ll want to pick window blinds that block out the sunlight and make your room a private sanctuary. Cellular blinds are recommended because the air pockets they have will help to muffle noise from the outside world, making it easier to get your beauty rest. Cellular blinds are also known as honeycomb blinds, and their ability to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter makes them a fantastic choice for the bedroom. If cellular blinds are too expensive, consider getting pleated shades, which use a single layer of pleated fabric to keep out the light. Custom roller shades block out light quite well, you can get them in many different colors, even striped or patterned.

Blinds in the living room are a different story from the bedroom or the kitchen, as this is the place for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Some living rooms are more formal, others are more casual. You may want to consider vertical blinds for sliding glass doors or patio entrances. Again, custom roller blinds are great if the living room is more of a movie den for everyone to watch TV shows or other forms of home entertainment.

The secret to picking the right window treatment is ultimately to pick the shade or blind that best helps the room’s functionality – from there you will be able to pick colors and styles that match your taste.