Best Blinds For A Good Night’s Sleep

Here in California, March, is saying good bye with more daylight, warmer temperatures and desert flowers blooming, as life here is astir, throwing off the covers of winter. Spring is in full tilt as the Vernal Equinox has just passed us. Even if you still feel the chill of winter where you live, know that the official start of Spring was heralded with equal hours of daylight which will continue to lengthen and brighten our days. Throughout history, the Vernal Equinox has been regarded as a dramatic astrological event as it signifies the changing seasons due to the 23.4 degree tilt of the Earth’s axis.

Even the early Egyptians were enamored of this event as the Great Sphinx points sharply to the rising sun on this the first day of Spring! Did you know that the Egyptian Pyramids are the only remaining survivors of the Ancient 7 Wonders of the World? But, hey, the Great Sphinx, in all his glory and magnificence, requires no sleep. We do! We cannot function without sleep. With more daylight coming our way, our whole body does become more energized, our moods brighten and our senses become heightened but we, now, need to become even more vigilant in getting enough sleep.

Sleep is something we crave for good reason. When we are sleep deprived, real consequences mount up and our body reacts in volatile ways. Did you know that estimated data shows that 15-33% of all fatal car crashes involve a sleepy driver? Driving while intoxicated is against the law; should driving while drowsy be, too (just kidding)? For all of us, in our daily lives, research shows that cognitive functions decline significantly when we are sleep deprived. We remember less; our creativity deteriorates and we become less sociable. That’s a fact.

So, why do we neglect sleep? Sleep is often regarded as a frivolous activity. With so much else to do, see, and stream, we give up these precious restorative hours by choice. We think we can catch up but repaying our sleep debt mounts up quickly and rarely gets paid back.

There is one way I can help you slumber to sleep more quickly and sleep more deeply and peacefully. Cover your bedroom windows with a blackout shade to block 99% of the light of the sun or the moon that creeps in, above and below and all around your windows. A dark, quiet and restful room can soothe our stressed and frazzled souls to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep. To attain a dark bedroom, you really need to assess your windows to determine your particular style and sleep needs to assess if your window treatments require a Blackout Shade or a Blackout Liner. Most blinds and shades can be outfitted to create a dark room that match your needs.

A few of my favorite Blackout Shades are found in the Blindsgalore Envision Roller Shades in the Blackout Collection. Many solid colors and textured patterns are available and these Roller Shades fit not only function, but style for bedrooms, media rooms or for children’s rooms where privacy and darkness are required. I particularly like the Sheerweave 7450 in Blossom and Andora.

Levolor always features stylish and practical Room Darkening shades. I am partial to the Valour Patterns and the soft look of the Heathered Selections of these special Blackout Shades.

If you are very light sensitive, browse through our Simply Chic or Dwell Selections which are outfitted with a vinyl backing that guarantees that light will not seep through. However, to really darken your bedroom or your young ones’ rooms, you might want to pair your blinds with an additional layer of drapery. You can’t sleep if your children are not in dreamland, too.

When designing your room with Roller Shades with an inside mount, seriously consider adding a Valance as Roller Shades are larger and have greater depth requirements than other Shades.

Another favorite of mine is the Blindsgalore Double Cell Blackout which is offered in many vibrant colors as well as the popular light neutrals which match any décor. Light blocking sidetracks ensure a comfortable and dark setting. You get double the pleasure with a double cell and a blackout feature. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Roman Shades and Panel Tracks can also be styled with Blackout Liners. Both of these types of window treatments are more decorative, but create a cozy place to sleep.

Motorization is a must for the bedroom for a sleek and modern look. You can lounge in bed with a moonscape. With the click of the down button, darkness and peace envelops you.

Love The Spring.

Love The Sunset.

Love The Night.

Love your Windows!